Filmography of Toranosuke Ogawa

1963Cosmetic Sales Competition
1963サラリーマン物語 大器晩成
1962Ballad of a WorkerYoshio's father
1960Devotion to Railway
1959Eyes of Mother and Daughter
1958The Hidden FortressMagistrate of the bridge barrier
1958Sister with Sister
1958The Chastity Boy and Miss Brassiere
1957Warm Current
1955I Live in FearHori, the lawyer
1955A Bloody Spear on Mount Fuji
1954GodzillaPresident of Company
1954Submarine Ro Hasn't Surfaced
1954Seven SamuraiGrandfather of Kidnapped Girl
1954An Inn at Osaka
1953The Battleship YamatoCombined Fleet Chief of Staff Kusaka
1952IkiruPark Section Chief
1952Achako's Notebook of Youth: Tokyo
1952Vendetta of a Samurai
1952The Life of OharuYoshioka