Filmography of Shôichi Hirose

1971The Battle of Okinawa
1968Booted Babe, Busted Boss
1967King Kong EscapesHenchman
1966Godzilla vs. The Sea MonsterEscaped Slave
1966The War of the GargantuasSoldier
1965Invasion of Astro-MonsterKing Ghidorah
1965Frankenstein Conquers the WorldTunnel Worker
1965Red BeardThug
1964Ghidorah, the Three-Headed MonsterKing Ghidorah
1964DogoraDiamond Truck Driver
1963AtragonMu Henchman
1962Varan the UnbelievableFisherman
1962King Kong vs. GodzillaKing Kong
1961MothraDam Worker
1961YojimboUshitora Follower
1961The Merciless Trap
1960The First Gas HumanBurly Guard
1959Songoku: The Road to the West
1959The Big Boss
1958The Hidden FortressYamana soldier
1958The H-ManFire department official
1957The MysteriansDetective in Etsuko's house
1956RodanF-86F pilot
1955Beast Man Snow ManMountain Searcher
1955Godzilla Raids AgainConvict
1954Invisible AvengerPoliceman
1954Seven SamuraiBandit