Filmography of Mark Gatiss

2017Against the LawDoctor Landers
2017Sherlock: The Final ProblemMycroft Holmes
2016DenialProfessor Robert Jan van der Pelt
2016Absolutely Fabulous: The MovieJoel
2016Our Kind of TraitorBilly Matlock
2016Dad's ArmyColonel Theakes
2016Sherlock: The Abominable BrideMycroft Holmes
2015Victor FrankensteinDettweiler
2015London SpyRich
2015The Vote
2015CoalitionPeter Mandelson
2015Wolf HallStephen Gardiner
2014Mapp & LuciaMajor Benjy
2014Game of Thrones: Complete History and Lore Part IVTycho Nestoris (voice)
2014National Theatre Live: CoriolanusMenenius Agrippa
2014Unlocking SherlockHimself / Mark Gatiss
2013MR James: Ghost WriterPresenter
2012Horror Europa with Mark GatissHimself
2011Cleaning UpMr Jackson
2011The Crimson Petal and the WhiteHenry Rackham Junior
2010A History of Horror with Mark Gatiss
2010The First Men in the MoonCavor
2010Worried About the BoyMalcolm McLaren
2009Spanish Flu: The Forgotten FallenErnest Dunks
2008Crooked HouseThe Curator
2008Sense and SensibilityJohn Dashwood
2007Consenting AdultsPC Butcher
2007Doctor Who: The Lazarus ExperimentLazarus
2007JekyllRobert Louis Stevenson
2007The Worst Journey in the WorldApsley Cherry-Garrard
2006The Wind in the WillowsRat
2006The League of Gentlemen Are Behind YouHilary Briss / Mickey Michaels / Val Denton / Les McQueen / Lance Longthorne / Alvin Steele / Phil Proctor / Mrs Beasley / Mick McNamara / Neds / Lotte Lipp / Brian Morgan / Dr Chinnery / Iris Krell / Bobbin
2006Fear of FannyJohnnie Cradock
2006Starter for 10Bamber Gascoigne
2005Return of the GoodiesHimself
2005The Curse of the Were-RabbitMiss Blight
2005The League of Gentlemen's ApocalypseVarious Characters
2005Match PointPing-Pong Player
2005The Quatermass ExperimentJohn Paterson
2005The Blood on Satan's Claw: In a League of Its OwnHimself
2005The Hitchhiker's Guide to the GalaxyAdditional Vogon Voices (as League of Gentlemen)
2004Miss Marple: The Murder at the VicarageRonald Hawes
2004Agatha Christie: A Life in PicturesKenyon
2004Sex Lives of the Potato MenJeremy
2004Skip to the End
2003Bright Young Things
2002Surrealissimo: The Trial of Salvador DaliLouis Aragon
2002The CiceronesJohn Trant
2001Birthday GirlPorter
2001The League of Gentlemen: Live at Drury Lanevarious
1996PROBE: Unnatural SelectionMr. Emerson
1994The Dwelling PlaceBowmer
1994PROBE: The Zero ImperativeDr. William Bruffin