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Underworld: Blood Wars
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Vampire death dealer Selene fends off brutal attacks from both the Lycan clan and the Vampire faction that betrayed her. With her only allies, David and his father Thomas, she must stop the eternal war between Lycans and Vampires, even if it means she has to make the ultimate sacrifice.

Title:Underworld: Blood Wars
Release Date:November 28, 2016
MPAA Rating:N-15
Genres:Action, Horror
Production Co.:Lakeshore Entertainment, Screen Gems, Sketch Films
Production Countries:United States of America
Director:Anna Foerster
Writers:, , , , ,
Casts:, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
Plot Keywords:martial arts, sword, vampire, ambition, war, sequel, betrayal, werewolf, gothic, uzi, woman director, fifth part, urban gothic
Alternative Titles:
  • Anjos da Noite 5 - Guerras de Sangue - [BR]
  • Underworld 5: Blood Wars - [US]
  • Underworld: Next Generation - [US]
  • Underworld 5 Blood Wars - [AU]
  • Інший світ 5: Кровна помста - [UA]
  • Anjos da Noite: Guerras de Sangue - [BR]
  • Underworld Blood Wars - [US]
  • Underworld - Blood Wars - [FR]
  • Underworld 5 - Blood Wars - [CA]
  • מלחמת האופל: קרבות הדמים - [IL]
  • Underworld - Blood Wars - [DE]

Underworld: Blood Wars Reviews

  • A must-avoid for all Underworld fans
    by edudejager on 7 December 2016

    84 out of 112 people found the following review useful:

    I enjoy (good) vampire movies, dark movies, good screenplays, good production, good screenplay, good cinematography and characters like Selene. This means I really enjoyed the first three Underworld movies, provided we ignore the prequel which was no more than acceptable.

    It also means that this movie ruined the franchise for me. Production was poor and clearly quite low budget (reuse of the same footage on a few occasions, etc.), the script was inadequate and, while Anna Foerster has put in some credible performances in TV, this was quite poor. Len Wiseman, or even Mårlind and Stein, could conceivably have turned this into a movie worthy of the franchise.

    There is also a hole in the plot worthy of a B-grade horror.

    SPOILER ALERT. And here comes the spoiler: The very premise of the movie is that Semira's coven is impregnable and Marius would be foolish to attack it without the blood of Selene's daughter. The werewolves specifically state that they "looked for any weaknesses and there are none". Then, later on in the movie, with no such blood, the werewolves walk in there like they own the place and it is clear that they would have taken the coven has it not been for the arrival of a transformed Selene with significant backup. The entire first 80% of the movie is rendered superfluous in one scene. SPOILER ENDS

    And so the great Underworld franchise goes out with a whimper. Neither Kate Beckinsale nor the character of Selene deserved this, some heads should be hung in shame.

  • Worst Underworld movie
    by Madsen7 on 22 February 2017

    56 out of 80 people found the following review useful:

    These movies were never made for Oscar consideration, I understand that, but the first three at least tried something. Creating some kind of mythology, war between vampires and lycans. Solid concept for the fans of these types of films that offer a bit of story and focus more on action and gore. First Underworld, released back in 2003, is pretty solid action-horror film. Sequel, Underworld: Evolution expanded the origin story for these species, while Underworld: Rise of the Lycans served as prequel, giving us idea how and why the whole grudge between vampires and lycans started. Then came 4th film, Awakening, solid concept but lame execution. Very forgettable film, even for Underworld fans. And now we have Blood Wars, 5th and worst in the franchise. Nothing in this movie works. Action, the strongest point in these types of films, was so poorly edited and is completely boring. Overall, movie is so badly directed and edited, filled with lame dialogue and shameful acting. Even the effects were not that great, with so many cringe worthy moments. Such a disaster.

  • Absolutely dreadful and that's coming from an Underworld fan.
    by Nott Nick on 9 February 2017

    82 out of 132 people found the following review useful:

    Lacks everything that made the original and sequels interesting. Poorly cast actors especially Pulver, too much use of guns with lack of physical fight scenes, no gore, bad script, uninteresting dialogue, overall weak story line, irrelevant flashbacks, lack of vampire elders or any character depth in werewolves removes the lore and legend that made the franchise interesting. I did not care who lived or died and honestly feel i am owed an hour and 31 minutes of my life. Maries might of well as been called Mario and adorned himself in a red cap and overalls would of been just as threatening. Absolutely no character depth what so ever which is polar opposite to the first films in this franchise. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME IF YOU LIKE UNDERWORLD YOU ARE BETTER OFF NOT SEEING THIS IT IS A TRAVESTY AND MIGHT AS WELL OF STARRED DANNY DYER.

  • Underwhelming
    by Urien Uthyr on 7 December 2016

    39 out of 57 people found the following review useful:

    The trailers already gave me some hints, I simply refused to believe until I saw it. That the Underworld movies are for the better part, dead and buried.

    Yes. The action is still there, as is the gore. Betrayals are still alive and kicking. And the old vampire/lycan grudge is also present.

    But is Underworld still Underworld...? Unfortunately no. Kate Beckinsale try as she may, she can't carry the movie alone, nor do I believe anyone was expecting her to. I was expecting that they'd finally replace Scott Speedman as Michael, with another one of literally dozens of possible and better choices. And finally bring the whole family together, into the fight.

    But to my terrible surprise they simply killed off Michael. The way it was done was terrible to say the least. At the end of Awakening, Eve, is finally able to see through her father eyes. And we know that he simply escaped the facilities. But now in Blood Wars, we were given another (conflicting) take on what happened that makes absolutely no sense. So Michael exits the cryo chamber, severely weakened and finds himself captured by Marius. Taken to another place where Marius then proceeds to seemingly shoot him in the head, and strung him up head down to drain Michael of all his blood. Which he then uses to make himself into more of a Wolf-Man than a Lycan.

    So, Michael is dead, and Selene for the most part from being considered an outcast through several events (and movies), she ends up basically where she started. Again a member of the Vampire Coven. Now risen to the degree of Elder together with David.

    David (Theo James) try as he might, is no Michael nor do I believe that's his purpose. In fact the story at a certain point seems to try and connect him with maybe one of this movie biggest, if not the only, good surprise. Lena! Lena (Clementine Nicholson) is without a doubt one of this movie greatest assets. And if this was a movie about the next generation, and Michael and Selene daughter, I could see her character portrait as Clementine portrayed hers.

    Eve does make an appearance in the end. But the movie had all but basically drained my last ounce of hope. To me without Michael there's no more Underworld. I got to confess. When Selene was giving her usual movie ending speech, I always hoped that we'd see that Eve had found her father, given some of her blood to him, and even killed a bunch of Lycans and placed their bloody bodies on top of Michael, and from that experience, as Selene had been changed/improved by her trials of ice, so too had Michael evolved into a new form. And both father and daughter were on their way to find Selene.

    But no. The movie was at its best, mildly entertaining, with some interesting fight scenes, that weren't even that great. We got plots inside plots, and twists inside twists. But the core and heart of the franchise is in my opinion, dead!

    So see it if you want to. But don't expect anything outstanding or exhilarating about this movie. In some ways it actually manages to be poorer than Awakening.

  • Sad that it didn't live up to its predecessors
    by Ida Gul on 10 February 2017

    17 out of 24 people found the following review useful:

    I am a HUGE fan of the Udnerworld franchise and have been looking forward to this for so long so I am truly sad that my review is not better than this. Here's what I feel is wrong with this movie.

    1. Marius - who is he, where did he come from? The explanation for his power came too late, too little to care and he was not as scary as previous Underworld villains. So is the other vamp chick who is supposed to be power hungry, kind of underwhelming at best.

    2. Movie is way too short and too rushed. Everything is introduced too quickly and fits into the puzzle too easily. We have never heard of this Nordic vamps till now. There's no continuity, no cohesion. Its like its trying to bring something new BUT this is no. 5 or no. 6?

    3. The white hair vamps. Seriously I thought the elves from LOTR is doing a crossover.

    4. Selene went into the water metamorphosis and they didn't even bother to show her experience. Suddenly she's back from the other end of the world so fast and all ready super powered. It doesn't make sense and we don't understand her journey.

    5. The CGI is really quite bad.

    6. The whole point of the movie is all about finding Eve's blood and they attacked just fine without it. If Eve is not even going to make an appearance then talking about her for more than half a movie just feels like a plot filler.

    7. Suddenly that other guy is the heir to the throne. Where did that come from?? I think the writers think this is going to be so cool but not if it likes a pie in the face kind of idea. Shock value goes whoa not huh?

    8. Selene was invited to train vamps and I think it barely lasted a few mins of training before the treachery was unearthed. Could they not let the training last maybe a few days before they started juicing her?

    9. Semira's right hand man never showed any indication that he might betray her but suddenly he did. Some build up would be great.

    10. The elves need more screen time!

    Kate Beckinsale and Theo James were still awesome but they could have used some better scenes to instill a better relationship. The movie was fun, entertaining and but it fell flat and it left me feeling all empty inside and for that reason, I am SAD.

  • Better than expected
    by Klemen on 20 December 2016

    54 out of 98 people found the following review useful:

    After the disappointment that was Awakening I didn't go see this movie with high expectations, but I came out surprised. The movie is totally fine. Does it have some poor CGI and bad actions scenes? Absolutely. But it also has some quite brutal and "Whoa" moments. What surprised me the most was the story which actually references a lot of the past movies, expands the lore and ties some loose ends nicely. Critics will absolutely destroy this movie but if you are a fan of the series or just want to throw some popcorn in your face watching a fun movie, you should definitely check it out. Did I mention Kate Beckinsale still kicks ass?

  • Writers bringing down this franchise
    by mts-78680 on 22 January 2017

    11 out of 16 people found the following review useful:

    I love this series BUT the scriptwriters are making the plots pitiful. Selene is becoming more predictable and considering she's the #1 Lycan Killer she's showing a soft side. I would recommend seeing this ONLY IF you're an avid fan but DON'T pay full price!

    Good: Selene continues to show skills and gets some new ones.

    Continuity of characters.

    Storyline remains consistent.

    Bad: Compacting too much of the story-line just too keep action


    Inconsistent displays of vampire strength and powers.

    Ease of vampire gullibility

    At least we can expect at least one more film to give them a chance to bring it up to par, sigh...

  • I liked this film, and yes, I am fan of the saga
    by Edgar Iván H on 5 April 2017

    12 out of 19 people found the following review useful:

    I can say this one, is one of the best movies of the saga Underworld, is a good action movie, with a good story. If you have seen all the previous movies of underworld you will love this one, because is like a fresh restart, but without deleting all the past like happened in Terminator Genesys (I hated) and is well written.

    This time vampires and werewolves are amazingly organize, and the story continues in a good way. You can go to see this one without any fear, you wont regret it.

  • Turn brain off and enjoy
    by Bogdan Neacsa on 13 January 2017

    31 out of 57 people found the following review useful:

    Goes without saying from the rating I really enjoyed the movie. When it comes to the underworld series, I pretty much liked all of them so far (Awakening was a big meh but still OK).

    So lets just start by saying the obvious, if you didn't really liked any of the movies in the series so far, you will not like this.

    Second thing, if you really loved and are a fan of the series, you might also have some problems with the movie if you over analyze the plot, since there are some good sized plot holes when looking over the entire events that happened in the previous movies.

    That all being said, the movie was pretty damn fun. Great action scenes, some pretty awesome locations to shoot in and in my opinion a pretty satisfying ending if this is the last in the franchise. Again, there are some plot holes in there, but I just got straight past them and was never bored during the entire movie.

  • Just take it as entertainment
    by tuanskie on 22 April 2017

    5 out of 6 people found the following review useful:

    It's Kate Beckinsale again in tight leather! Come on people, pop in the Blu-Ray or stream it and load up the popcorn. Take off the critic's thinking cap for a night. Don't expect too much with a sophisticated plot or story line. Do expect some Lycan ass-kicking from Selene as usual, and enjoy the movie for what it is - a war between vampires and werewolves. The CGI could have been better, but did I not mention Selene/Kate in tight leather?

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