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A Heartrending Story of Courage and Devotion
Tim Poster
6.5/10 by 14 users

Handsome but backward gardener Tim Melville has a new woman in his life. She is Mary, his widowed employer, a woman who had given up on love until she had found Tim.At first they are friends. But soon they become lovers, as Mary, drawn to Tim's innocence and magnetism, begins to teach him all about life - and love.

Release Date:July 13, 1979
Genres:Drama, Foreign, Romance
Production Countries:Australia
Director:Michael Pate
Casts:, , , , ,

Tim Reviews

  • A "MUST-SEE" for those who are open minded enough to accept romances between older women & younger men !!!
    by Movie Fan (R1H2B3@msn.com) on 28 July 2004

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    Even though we now live in the 21st century, there are still many people who cannot bring themselves to accept anything that is out of the "norm". There still exist segments of our societies, that perpetuate the practices of intolerance.....especially when it comes to romance. For such individuals, this movie "TIM", is no doubt unbearable to even look at.

    However, for those of us who are not stuck in the ways of the closed minded past, "TIM" is an example of a movie that is ahead of it's time. It is the touching story of two people, who find happiness and love, through an unorthodox relationship.

    This film explores a romantic relationship between two people, that on paper, would seem almost unbelievable. Yet magnificently, this story is portrayed so well on screen, that it seems as realistic and natural as any other common relationship.

    Yes Mel Gibson is in this film, but as a heterosexual male, my favorite character is played by leading lady Piper Laurie...........Who just so happens to be H - O - T, Hot Hot Hot !!!!!

    In the words of young people today, " She's a real M.I.L.F. !!!!! " My goodness,......that flaming red hair and that navy blue bathing suit she wears at the end.....(Oh be still my beating heart !!!!) Piper Laurie is absolutely gorgeous in this film. If you can appreciate the beauty of an older woman, then this DVD is worth buying just to see her !!

    What makes this movie so sweet though, is that there is nothing in this story that is perverted about their romance. You truly fall in love with Piper Laurie, as an honest woman who genuinely cares. Although she is an accomplished and successful woman, she is as emotionally innocent as Mel Gibson's character. Their romance develops naturally, and without sex as an ulterior motive.

    This film, in it's own quiet little way, shows us that just because a relationship might seem bizarre to you, does not mean that there's anything wrong with it. The love of a lifetime, can spring forth between the most unlikely people.

  • One of My Top Ten
    by TomColeman on 18 April 2004

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    Caught this film on cable, late night, a few years back. No idea what to expect, just wasn't ready to go to bed. By the time it ended, it was in my Top 10 of all time. Certainly the lowest budgeted film (accounting for inflation, anyway) on that list.

    Gibson was terrific, capturing a handicapped young man perfectly. But, hey, the entire cast was great, especially Awyn Kurts as Tim's father. And, after appreciating Piper Laurie for years and years, that night I fell in love with her.

    I've never seen such a "tight" little film. I doubt that there were more than 12 seconds of even semi-wasted frames. Michael Pate did an amazing job.

  • Possibly the most unknown film Mel has done...
    by n. lillian van der bloemen (rjvi@logicsol.com) on 16 March 1999

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    "Tim" is possibly the most unknown and under-rated of all the films Mel Gibson has done. It is certainly one of the best and proved, quite early in his career, that he knows his craft very well and is well able to carry off a challenging role to perfection. The title character, Tim, is seeking to know the adult world around him without an adults' understanding of the subtilties of life. Mel Gibson plays the part to perfection, neither feeling sorry for himself nor being so crass as to portray this child/man as "cute and silly". He is simple, "Not the full quid", as Tim puts it. But he feels all of an adults needs and finds the person to explain life to him in a way he can understand. Piper Laurie, as Mary, becomes the most important person in Tim's life; and she plays the role with a kindness and compassion usually not seen in today's actors. This film is a must for anyone concerned with raising and educating a child with the challenge of a mental handicap. One could hope that Mel will do more movies of this type, with the love and understanding and true actor's ability he shows in this, his second movie.

  • "Tim" is a little gem - sincere. real, beautifully-acted unlikely love
    by peterhkenny on 7 May 2005

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    MovieAddict2005 painted a very cruel picture of a very sensitive picture.. Mel Gibson's feeling for the not-too-bright, but likable character Tim was a great tribute to the all-round acting talent of a man too easily typecast as an action actor. Piper Laurie was as ever a joy to watch in the difficult part of "the older woman" and endured ageism , (possibly exhibited a little by MovieAddict2005) with dignity, as did Gibson's character against narrow-minded people who are more "retarded" than he is..

    The growing love between them - which came from nowhere, as it should -was as beautiful and real as acting can get.

    If the overall production was modest, that's OK. Hollywood is not necessarily the best presenter of simple yet complex human conflict and pain.Australian movies, as shown by such as "Mariel's Wedding" (yes, I know about the spelling) have moved on since the uncomfortable silences of the wooden TV series "Spy Force" and the sheer embarrassment of the "cult" "The Outback"

    The Yahoo Movies (sorry!) review described "Tim" as "superb". Rightly Though I dislike numeric ratings, I was asked for one - I gave 7/10. If this sounds low, I'd give the marvellous "The Elephant Man" only 9, even though it has the most moving moment in movie history - the close-up of Anthony Hopkins' face when he realises Merrick could read. You could feel the tears in his eyes as they came to your own. "Tim"'s close-ups could not hope to match this, but they were quietly stunning

    No film has ever got 10 - perfection doesn't exist. I would score even Citizen Kane, the greatest of all, 9.5. But "Tim" gets 9/10 for sincerity

  • An Extremely Tender Love Story
    by beebertie on 1 September 2004

    16 out of 20 people found the following review useful:

    Tim is the first movie I ever seen with Mel Gibson. He portrays the character of a retarded young man to perfection. I was so impressed with the concept of the story that I bought the book and read it twice. The innocent child-like love between the characters of Tim and Mary Horton (Piper Laurie)is very refreshing. You will laugh, as well as cry, while you see the characters come to life and grow before your eyes. These two lonely people are placed in a situation where they genuinely really need each other. There is another movie that is based upon the story: "Mary & Tim", which stars Candice Bergen of the sitcom "Murphy Brown". You might want to give that one a look see as well.

  • Excellent, modest love story
    by fertilecelluloid on 1 January 2005

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    This is an excellent, modest story of love between a young, simple man (Mel Gibson) and Mary, a successful, older woman (Piper Laurie).

    Director Michael Pate deftly explores the way love deepens without contrivance or adherence to pre-set plot points. Tim is a member of a close-knit family who are all moving away from him -- his sister via marriage, his father via death.

    As these changes occur in Tim's life (he is mildly mentally retarded), he is drawn inexplicably but naturally into an unconventional relationship that brings strength and awareness to his life.

    Gibson and Laurie are both brilliant in their respective roles, as is the late, great Australian actor Alwyn Kurts, who plays Tim's father and bestows on the character great depth and dimension.

    A wonderful, moving film.

  • hard to find...and a very cute movie
    by Dany on 24 January 2004

    8 out of 9 people found the following review useful:

    Well, a VERY rare catch of Mel G.´s films but i finally saw it.

    What can i say: Nice, cute movie if you like them. It´s nothing like a Mel Gibson fan from the present Mel would expect, because it´s no Action in it, but pretty good acting from young Mel! So, kudos.

    If you´re looking for Mad Max: You´re at the wrong place. If you´re looking for Martin Riggs: nowhere like him. If you´re looking for ANY Character he ever played: Hmmm.....no!! But if you look for a cute family movie that shows how immature "mature adults" can be and how cruel society could react to the sweetest things like friendship and love: Then you´re lucky, because that´s what this movie is.

    Don´t check it out for Action-Mel, check it out to see a great performance from a soon-to-be-a-box-office-magnet in a very moving role.

  • Tim, a moving tale
    by Atrebor on 17 June 2005

    7 out of 8 people found the following review useful:

    I found it a moving story of love and innocence on the one hand and ignorance, prejudice and bigotry on the other. All the actors from Piper Laurie and Mel Gibson to the Australian actors who played the deeply loving parents and the bigot sister and husband were simply great. I have rarely seen Mel Gibson acting better after this movie. Compliments for the director. The most wonderful but also saddest thing about this movie was that Gibson grew from an almost tabula rasa mind to a person with more grasp of what the world is about. Thanks to the loving guidance of Laurie he learned to read and appreciate art and music. But it also lead him to understand more of the complexity and sometimes ugliness of people. I would love to see it again. Even though I have seen it twice . Of course looking at a young and beautiful Mel Gibson does not hurt.

  • Tim
    by gerry159 on 22 February 2007

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    I saw Tim on television around the time it was released. I liked it then and like it now. Many have written their idea about the characters and Tim himself but I see the film as a real peon to love. If you look at the story it's all about love. Family love, love of brother and sister, love of husband and wife, the unique love of father and son and finally love between a man and a woman. And all this love is intermingled, like a tight clock with many springs. I was fascinated by how the watch works. The next time you watch this I hope you notice the many levels and subtleties of love that are offered. If you are a romantic, as I am, you'll love the movie Tim. P.S. I don't watch it too often because I don't want to wear out the wonders. It's that good.

  • Not bad....
    by tambourine33 on 6 January 2006

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    This is one of the better films I have seen starring Mel Gibson. A low budget, Australian film, made in the late seventies, it is a real change from his usual offerings. The basic plot outline (promise I won't spoil! :)) is that Gibson plays the title role of Tim, a 24 year-old man who is slightly mentally retarded. Piper Laurie excels as 'Mary Horton' a successful forty-something widow who takes a romantic interest in Tim, but is unsure if a relationship will work.

    The thing that struck me about this movie was it's basic principle. It is not uncommon for rich, forty-something men to be seen with attractive, supposedly less-intelligent women. 'Tim' turns this on its head having a rich, older woman hooking up with an attractive, less intelligent younger man. Society frowns on the latter form relationship, I'm not sure why, and it adds an interesting angle to the story.

    The only complaint about the film is the ending. They had such a fantastic idea but the movie just...ends. Loose ends are left and to be honest it seemed tacked on or just plain rushed.

    It is a good, heartwarming film with a few weepy bits and one-or-two good ideas not explored well enough but still entertaining nonetheless.