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A London tube driver considers pursuing a third fatal accident to collect a huge payout.

Title:Three and Out
Release Date:October 12, 2008
Genres:Comedy, Drama, Foreign
Production Co.:Worldwide Bonus Entertainment
Production Countries:United Kingdom
Director:Jonathan Gershfield
Casts:, , , , , , ,
Plot Keywords:friendship, controversial, independent film
Alternative Titles:
  • A Deal Is a Deal - [US]
  • 3 and Out - [US]
  • Three And Out - [US]
  • Трое на вылет - [RU]

Three and Out Reviews

  • Hilarious and compelling character drama.
    by Jamie Ward on 3 May 2008

    20 out of 30 people found the following review useful:

    'Three and Out', a film largely based around a character wanting to kill himself, is in all its irony, genuinely heartfelt, compelling and utterly hilarious as both a dark comedy and a solid character drama. There is no denying that this is not going to be for everyone, as the entire experience could be just as depressing to some as it could be amusing to others, but that's what makes it so interesting and refreshing. Furthermore, despite the film's grim premise I was pleasantly surprised that much of it is done in a tactful and tasteful manner, taking time to develop plot and character substantially enough to transform the otherwise quirky gimmick into a solid piece of character drama that never lets down. Sure enough this is by no means a perfect picture yet it certainly deserves a lot more praise than it has so far garnered; especially considering the ballsy themes and jet black tone which it adopts straight from the opening scenes.

    What makes the film as effective as it is lies heavily on its script which takes time to develop fully realised, empathetic and highly likable characters, complete with three dimensions and who are consistently engaging. There are nevertheless moments when the writing does resort to certain stereotypes, but such instances are only ever used with good intentions and subtle shades, never truly distracting from the experience. The writers use their characters to successfully justify and back up the drama spliced throughout the piece, which when attempted with less well rounded characters would feel tacked on and cheap. 'Three and Out' more often than not gets it spot on however, with only a couple moments here and there which take things a little too far into overdone melodrama.

    The best thing about having such characters though is that they too can pull off comedy when called upon, delivering many instances of tastefully done dark wit, derived mostly from the characters themselves. It's a hard thing to do no doubt, and although the balance of comedy and drama can shift rather drastically, for the most part they are blended together with great care, resulting in mostly flowing transitions between the two. As mentioned, the comedy itself is extremely dark, specifically when involving the subject of suicide. Yet thanks to the very careful, precise direction from newcomer Jonathan Gershfield, such usages are both emotively effective in the ways which you would expect from the themes, but they also manage to retain a sense of light-heartedness which can be rather disorientating from an everyday perspective, yet this is largely where dark humour draws its absurdities from, and it works brilliantly here.

    The story is a bit of a double edged sword in that while certain elements are extremely interesting and move along with easily sustainable momentum, there are drops every now and again which don't work quite as well and drag the pace of the film to a much more disengaging level. Although things never quite get too slow, for too long, these small imperfections become rather irritating in context of the otherwise high-quality writing. Nevertheless the majority of the plot is wonderfully low-key, occupying just a weekend but taking you on a journey full of hilarious situations, compelling characters and homely locations (at least if you reside in the UK). It's a journey that becomes far more than its simple plot however and seems endless thanks to the people who occupy it. Perhaps most enjoyable of all though is that it always feels familiar and genuine, with very little fabrication or contrivance to be found.

    Performances from the cast are terrific and are certainly one of, if not the greatest highlight of the feature with both Crook and Meaney conveying the tone of the film created through their characters perfectly, never coming off as over or underdone. I was a big fan of Crook's work in The Office, and was pleasantly surprised to find him playing a role similar but also distinctly different. He's incredibly emotive when he needs to be and brings a real down-to-earth- flavour to his character that really helps solidify the mature, intelligent focus of the feature, filling the lead role competently. Meaney who I have grown far more used to seeing in a Starfleet uniform and being neglected to repeating such lines as 'Yes, of course captain' is much better used here, given plenty of room to show his superb acting capabilities. He nails the big-hearted but flawed Tommy Cassidy brilliantly, bringing charm and charisma to the duo. Both share brilliant interactions and the chemistry is high enough to meet the demands for both the comedy and drama. The supporting cast hold their own but never have much screen time enough to really show much worth mentioning, although Staunton does share some rather touching scenes with Meaney that really brings out the best of her abilities, along with Meaney's softer side.

    In the end I found 'Three and Out' to be a highly moving, compelling and original piece of comedic drama. There are low points here and there but thankfully they never distract or take too much away from the entire experience which is for the most part, well developed and realistically entertaining. With terrific performances, down to earth characterisation that constantly feels familiar, and an entertaining, refreshingly dark plot, the film is certainly not without its highlights. If ever there was a misunderstood film of this year, this would probably share the top spot with 'The Good Night'. Regardless, 'Three and Out' is well worth your attention if you like your comedy black and your drama relevant; a solid piece of British film-making.

  • Loved it - great film
    by techenterprise on 29 April 2008

    11 out of 16 people found the following review useful:

    Everything about the film was pretty great parts of it were hilarious, the acting was good and at times brilliant, Colm Meaney in particular; even Kerry Katona who had a small cameo role in it didn't come across too badly! It dealt with the sensitive issues central to the film very well, Im not sure why the train drivers made such a fuss about it; it really doesn't dwell on any of the issues complained about at all. Much to my surprise, the comedy was backed up by some really moving moments. Didn't expect to love this film but the mix of comedy and drama made it a really enjoyable hour and a half - definitely would suggest that you go and see it.

  • I really don't know what to think about this movie.
    by postmanvendetta on 2 May 2008

    11 out of 17 people found the following review useful:

    First of all it is not a comedy as the adverts would have you think. There are some elements of comedy but first and foremost this is most definitely a drama and not one about tube drivers. It is a drama about the right to aid suicide and there are some really touching moments in this film, especially just before the ending. I wouldn't say the acting was wonderful but despite it's cloudy script the actors give a solid performance and despite being a bit of a dick, i really did feel for Colm Meaneys character. I went into the this movie expecting to laugh, I didn't much, it depressed me, but whether that was the movies intentions is beyond me. My advice rent it on DVD with an open mind you will find some clear gold amongst the ambiguity.YNWA.

  • 3 and More
    by tonym8051 on 15 May 2008

    7 out of 10 people found the following review useful:

    Well, This so called "British Comedy" did actually turn out to be just it. Very unpredictable ending, which I love and amusing!! It has been a while since we had a Brit/com out moreover a real plot that make sense and in context. I know that some expect too much from genre movies like this however considering the petite area its based in and does pay attention to main outputs of scenes. Mackenzie - Office - well suited for the role. Gemma - new bond girl - very hot lady in the accent she puts on for this film

    Soundtrack although not very known around I found it actually quite catchy!! - going to purchase myself the soundtrack Cd this week-end.

    Great Brit Film! Worth watching - but not for the faint hearted.

  • A little gem and a lotta Gemma
    by John Dunton-Downer ( on 25 May 2008

    9 out of 14 people found the following review useful:

    Maybe it really was a marketing muck-up to put this film forward as a wacky comedy, but having expected that I was actually happier with the moving, provocative and poetic story I got instead. It's a lot more memorable and thus valuable. Colm Meaney and Imelda Staunton, just by looking at each other, convey more about the pains and regrets that life generates than many a more 'serious' or arty film manages despite loftier, often more pretentious ambitions. This is a film that actually acknowledges the human condition and then poses a rather crucial, if usually ignored question about life, and even braves an answer to that question too. How often does this happen? Probably more often in Britain than in Hollywood, so let's be grateful for this, shall we?

    In any case, claiming that it's a crass 'comedy about suicide' as some have done is about as accurate as saying The Producers is a comedy about the holocaust. And Tube Driver Union spokespeople: get a life.

  • Poignant drama
    by jhsteel on 13 November 2008

    5 out of 7 people found the following review useful:

    I saw this not knowing what to expect, and I'm glad that I didn't expect loads of laughs. I suppose it is a dark comedy if anything, but it delivered something much more meaningful, and I was hooked in immediately to the human drama that enfolded. I really wanted to know what happened to the characters, all of whom seemed 3-dimensional, and I cared about their fates. The performances were excellent, especially Colm Meaney as Tommy and Mackenzie Crook as Paul, but Imelda Staunton was wonderful as always. I wanted to see whether the characters would go through with their intentions, because several outcomes seemed possible, and the plot kept me guessing. The ending was emotional and in a strange way very satisfying, and not unrealistically optimistic either. If you are going to deal with the subject of suicide, this is a very effective and thought-provoking film and succeeds on several levels. It deserves a higher rating than it has so far.

  • This film should have a better average score!
    by titheridge-1 on 12 September 2008

    5 out of 7 people found the following review useful:

    What a great British movie, I'm so surprised and disappointed that 2 people's low score have given this an average of a poultry 5.3!! This film is a 7 average (or more) if ever I saw one. I don't often comment on IMDb but this left me feeling like I had too. The film is enjoyable, insightful, full off feeling and comedy and would be enjoyed by anyone from the UK. I'm pleased to see Mackenzie Crook choosing to star in such well produced independent movies and would recommend this to anyone. Please give this a chance and comment back to raise this poor average score to something more in line with what the film deserves. An excellent film with a great cast and original storyline, well done!

  • British movies getting better
    by (jenn-yd1) on 15 May 2008

    5 out of 7 people found the following review useful:

    After so many years of waiting for a worthy British comedy since Bridget Jones' Diary, this fine piece of work came as a breath of fresh air. After watching it half way i thought they could have done better but at the end of the movie everything made sense. Well its a British movie and it is very British, it outlines dilemmas that are faced by day to day men as we all try to work smart and not hard(with less in return). It seems there has been a lot of controversy as most(tube trade union) believe that the movie is insensitive towards tube workers. One wonders, but when did the British lose their sense of humour? this a comedy! I just believe it was an opportunity for some to get onto our screens. Everyone who has been to London knows that the tube is never reliable, but thats another subject. When titanic hit the screens no one went to protest but I am sure far more people have perished in the seas. The first good movie in a decade comes out and all these sharks are coming at it in full swing, please lets give this movie some credit it deserves.

  • I don't see what the train drivers union were complaining about
    by churchofsunshine on 24 September 2008

    6 out of 9 people found the following review useful:

    Way back even before this film even premiered at the cinema, the main London Underground tube drivers Union ASLEF were up in arms about this film being insensitive and that people falling under trains and suicide is not something to be laughed about. I don't know what they thought this film was about, or whether they had seen a completely different film to me, but I would struggle to class this as a comedy at all. It's a serious drama about a serious subject, and although, yes, there might be one or two chuckles here and there, this isn't an all-out comedy and never pretends to be. It's a serious look at Colm Meaney's character Tommy, his relationship with his wife and daughter and how it came to be that he is willing to throw himself in front of Mackenzie Crooks train. There is actually very little of the movie set underground at all - it soon takes on a road movie type trip through Liverpool (with a (thankfully brief) cameo by Atomic Kitten's Kerry Katona) and then onto Cumbria and the Lake District, no doubt to try and encourage movie-goers to holiday in the area.

    Colm Meaney is better than he ever was in Star Trek, Imelda Staunton is there because after all this is a Brit flick and it says in her contract somewhere that she must star in every new British film going, while relative newcomer Gemma Arterton (last seen in St Trinians)puts on a Scouse accent for this role and does her rising career no harm at all - the new 007 film is up next, and the girl has a promising future in front of her. Mackenzie Crook I'm not so sure about. I was never a fan of "The Office" in the first place, but he seems to do well enough here - he and Meaney make a good team, it's just a shame that nearly all the original publicity back in April 2008 was negative, focusing mainly on the objections of the ASLEF union to a film that they had obviously not seen. Agreed, deaths under the wheels of trains aren't funny - I've researched my family tree and one distant relative did die this way and the inquest report makes for grim reading - I've no doubt that this is a very traumatic experience for any driver unlucky enough to hit and kill someone and no laughing matter - but then this film is no laughing matter either. It deals with a sensitive subject matter very well. I don't really see what all the fuss was about. I'd have thought the average IMDb score would be a lot better than it is currently. Ignore all the newspaper stories and judge for yourself. If any film deserves a second chance it is this one - surely a contender for the best British film of 2008.

  • Another great British Film
    by delboy88 on 1 June 2008

    8 out of 13 people found the following review useful:

    to say that this film is great is an understatement it is brilliant. never have i seen such a mix of comedy/ drama/ romance that goes together so fantastically.

    the cast are excellent with Colm Meaney giving an award winning performance , newcomer Gemma Arterton is fresh & very capable. if there was a vehicle for Mackenzie Crook then this should be it. the audience is able to feel Paul's anxiety and his need for pastures new.

    it is extremely difficult to think of a film that has ever done such a good job at tackling what is a controversial subject. it's main plus is that the train driving is only ever a small part of the film and the majority of the running time is showing the journey Paul & Tommy go on and in the process we learn why Tommy is who he has become.

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