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Knowing is good. Knowing everything is better.
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A young tech worker takes a job at a powerful Internet corporation, quickly rises up the company's ranks, and soon finds herself in a perilous situation concerning privacy, surveillance and freedom. She comes to learn that her decisions and actions will determine the future of humanity.

Title:The Circle
Release Date:April 27, 2017
Genres:Drama, Thriller, Science Fiction
Production Co.:Likely Story, Playtone, Image Nation
Production Countries:United States of America
Director:James Ponsoldt
Casts:, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
Alternative Titles:
  • El circulo - [ES]
  • Melinda's Song - [US]
  • Ring - [EE]
  • O Círculo - [BR]
  • A kör - [HU]
  • Ratas - [LT]
  • Krag - [PL]
  • O Círculo - [PT]
  • Сфера - [RU]

The Circle Reviews

  • The best horror movie of 21st century
    by kostadin ushev (horror_bg2002) on 1 May 2017

    59 out of 74 people found the following review useful:

    Hands down the best horror movie of 21 century. Facebook and Google are already heading that direction. The Circle is well made amalgam of these two corporations. We already have the surveillance everywhere, people sharing their day to day lives even in the smallest bits. With services like Snapchat, Tinder, Instagram, Facebook people become transparent, hide nothing, keep nothing private and personal. Both FB and Google are trying to get everyone on board, by all means necessary. People don't have private life, everything is public and reachable by everyone who is interested. Imagining future like the one in the movie is not only possible but very much coming our way.

    I agree with some points . I do thing that everyone who is eligible to vote should vote. This way minimizing the sheep vote, and the paid vote.

    Go and watch it! Try to understand it! Think about the points of the movie!

  • The Circle - Splash of Reality
    by Mredman01 on 30 April 2017

    42 out of 51 people found the following review useful:

    Kept spoilers 'light' and used only as needed to describe the opinion of the film. This film sticks front-and-center an indisputable fact that technology unchecked can and will go to the extreme. I suspect (unproven) that Ms. Watson signed on to do this film as it holds a moral and carries a social lesson. If you have children, teens, friends oblivious to the fact that the internet and streaming are NOT private, then you must get them to go see this movie - and the social message is the reason why I rate this as an "8".

    Leader of the company (Tom Hanks) and Chief Tech Officer (Patton Oswalt) deem everyone except themselves should be transparent, including government. When a political obstacle arises in a Senator, of course they dig up and release the dirt on them found in their 'social sins', then sponsor a candidate that is willing to be transparent in every email, every call, every action, every bill, etc. (Naivety at its best, as no company or government can operate 100% transparent.) In the end, the good persona (Emma Watson) turns the tables on the powerful leaders in front of an audience and makes them susceptible to the very elements they want others subservient to. I don't usually care for Tom Hanks, but he did a good job in this film - with an outstanding low- level "we're f'd" comment once realizing the tables have turned. Ms. Watson continues to grow in her acting skills and shines even brighter than Mr. Hanks in a few scenes (but not overall). Patten Oswalt plays the tough bad-guy in his outstanding short scenes, and fit the role perfectly. The role of John Boyega (as Ty) left a bit to be desired (a 2D character that should have had more depth provided), but liked his acting much better in this film, compared to his role as Finn in Star Wars: The Force Awakens; he did well.

  • Cool Circle!!!
    by kenburke0627 on 30 April 2017

    44 out of 55 people found the following review useful:

    Call me the inevitable exception to the rule but I liked Circle. The story is a familiar one - something seems too good to be true, and winds up being so. In this case, it is a business called the Circle that takes intrusive technology to the next level. Miniature cameras are used to let others watch each other twenty-four hours a day, it is as if the whole world has become one big family. At first it seems like an excellent idea – people can be rescued when they otherwise would have died, criminals that had gone "off the grid" can be apprehended, life can be made simpler, more secure. Of course, there is the inevitable down side namely the obliteration of privacy. No matter where you go, you matter what you do, someone-body-thing is always watching you. There is in inevitable argument over how much surveillance is too much, is the security worth the price of freedom. I noticed this movie has received several negative reviews. I will admit this is not a conspiracy high-tech Jason Bourne style movie, there are no international assassins or cold blooded corporate executives trying to rule the world. Rather, the movie asks several questions. Is, say, the internet good or bad? Should we increase our security or put a limit on things. It makes you think.

  • Genuinely creepy
    by Ziggy Zorro on 27 April 2017

    81 out of 129 people found the following review useful:

    Perhaps the most compelling thing about seeing The Circle, is the glow of people checking their phones as soon as the credits rolled. This is going to be a film people claim they understand when they don't even understand the controlled lives they are living.

    In all a genuinely creepy film carried by Emma Watson, not something for your average Marvel fan though.

  • If you want dose of thoughts,you must go and see the circle
    by wahajali-68260 on 29 April 2017

    56 out of 81 people found the following review useful:

    I have waited the circle since i see the trailer , the film is great with amazing performance from Emma Watson and i live every moment with the greator tom hankis, the film talk about what we live nowdays in social media and what the company want in their thinking to control the human without any moral , i really enjoy every moment of this films i think its dose of thoughts about our live nowday ,i see Emma Watson as future star for big movies, i think this film will remain in memory and we need the types of films instead of (fast and furious, john wick) we need stone throw in still water, and the circle do it, my evaluation is 8 from 10.

  • A Techno Thriller Adapted from Novel
    by mikenontonmulu on 3 May 2017

    30 out of 34 people found the following review useful:

    Well, it was a bit of interesting to see this movie. I was thinking that it would be a total thriller from beginning till end. However, it turned out that the movie was more drama than thriller. It was categorized as techno-thriller which I think was a term used to describe a movie where the thriller was more on technology side. Unfortunately, I found that the movie was not having a lot of thrill. There was no mystery that was very intriguing to find out. There was brief moment of suspense before the end, but that was it.

    The premise of the movie itself was actually very promising. We were put under the impression in the beginning that it would be a very interesting dark mysterious story, but till the very end, it was not that mysterious. I understand that the movie was adapted from a novel titled the same written by Dave Eggers. Based on the very brief synopsis of the novel, I think that the movie would have been better had it been honoring the storyline from the novel as it seemed to be more interesting (the novel itself was having better review than the movie).

    In term of the characters, I felt that Tom Hanks portrayal of a boss to this very large corporation was very good in the beginning, but not really good at the end. While Emma Watson fresh from her last blockbuster hit Beauty and the Beast was surprisingly good in hiding her British accent. This was also the last movie that Bill Paxton played in. His portrayal of a person having the illness was spot on and made us feel sorry for him. Another one that I think quite stood out was the characters of Annie and Mercer, while the rest did not really gave impressions.

    Anyway, I think the idea of the story was quite good and up to date and supposed to make us re-think about the privacy issue in social media. So it was rather sad to see the movie did not provide a real spark, apart from the brief part towards the end of it. I cannot say that I totally enjoyed the movie, but neither can I say it was a really bad movie. It was just average for me. If you are looking for some smart techno thriller movie with lots of suspense and thrills plus mysteries, then I think this movie did not really up to that level yet. But if you want to see something different, or maybe want to see Tom Hanks & Emma Watson in the same screen together, I guess you could try and see this one. The choice is yours.

    For my complete review, pls have a look at

  • A realiatic Sci-Fi film with a good plot but with some flaws
    by Batgreen 15 on 29 April 2017

    37 out of 48 people found the following review useful:

    "The Circle" is an above average science fiction film. There are many things this film does really well but there are a few things that make the film not live up to it's potential. It has a gripping plot, good use of sound, and is fairly unpredictable. Unfortunitly there are some things that distract the watcher from the main story. Mostly this comes from lackluster character development from some of the side characters. Namely Ty. Ty is the developer of the main software the circle is using to sell user's data. This is his entire character. The movie only uses him to start the plot and then forgets about him. Throughout the movie there are some crappy lines of dialogue. All of them coming from the character Mercer. Mercer is also a victim to bad character development this is because he is only there for a few scenes and then gets killed off. I have not read the book this movie was based on so i can only review it as a stand alone movie so, if one has not already read the book then there is a good plot that can't be predicted from the start of the movie. At the beginning of the movie I took the guess that the main character would simply team up with Ty, and Merser to over-through The Circle. This did not happen thankfully. If one has no previous knowledge of the story of the movie then the watcher will probably enjoy this movie. There isn't that much to say about this movie to be honest. It does most of what it trys to do well and doesn't try to do things the story can't handle. Over all the movie is above average and enjoyable. I would personally give it a 7/10.

  • Not what you think... but is that so bad?
    by rdbrown-zeteo on 29 April 2017

    46 out of 66 people found the following review useful:

    The Circle is one of those movies that once the general audience has time for their minds to wrap around the concept of this movie, then it has a chance at higher ratings and better reviews.

    It was not want I expected, and yet I left with the sense that I could engage in a three hour philosophical discussion about the movie.

    It lacks your typical "antagonist" or rather, the "antagonist" is not what you thought or would expect in a typical thriller. And the antagonist may not be so much of a person as it is a concept or idea that goes too far or in the wrong direction but is not in and of itself bad.

    The conclusion of the film did not resolve how I would have predicted having seen the trailers. But, I won't go there so as not to spoil the movie.

    You may be hesitant to see this movie, and you may not like it after having seen the movie - but none-the-less, it is still worth seeing and hopefully *maybe* you will leave the theatre thinking if you are that type of person.

    Its like going to an art show. I, as an amateur, would go hoping to be "wowed" by the typical entertaining pieces - the ones that make sense to me. However, I can easily over look a masterpiece because I do not take the time and focus to look deeper and past the non-traditional.

    All that being said, the acting was a little strange, which makes some of the interactions awkward. But in hindsight, it kind of makes sense because the "circle" is all about community and engaging with your community. And, so some of the social interactions can be "odd". So if I compare it to the basic formula and standard quality of movie entertainment that money pushes out there, I could easily overlook a possible deeper element.

    Or maybe I'm just being ridiculous and looking too deep into this movie.

    There were some intense moments. But, not so much of what you would think of in a thriller. This is not a cat-and-mouse dystopian type thriller where your life is at stake.

    So, maybe you would like it - like I did. Maybe you won't. Maybe it will take a while for the concept of this movie to catch up to everyone who didn't feel entertained. Either way, worth a shot.

  • Enlightening!
    by Tarek El-Touny on 5 May 2017

    24 out of 28 people found the following review useful:

    A Social Network-Kind of a movie, but accept it or not, this is the world we are living in right now & this is how the world is moving ahead! No one can deny the role of the social networks in our daily lives & business, whether you are obsessed about it, regular user or not, this movie is for you. The movie sheds the light on a combination of topics with countless implications and ideas related to the online privacy, the huge amount of data (& how it can be manipulated) received from billions of social networks' users daily and the good and bad faces of technology these days. Enlightening as I'm sure it is, the movie needed more subtle story to go along with the important topics it highlights. Again, great acting by Mr. Tom Hanks & the beautiful Emma Watson, I will chase both of them in cinemas no matter what.

    7/10 from me, enlightening..

    Mr. Tom!, Salute! ..

  • best film great thriller
    by Kravenguy776 on 8 May 2017

    16 out of 17 people found the following review useful:

    I seen the movie ,I think it was good .Tom Hanks played a very good character in this film.I enjoyed this type of movie.Great Thriller too. Nice to see Tom Hanks in this kind of role.I like to see more films like this cool mystery films about this country and where we are headed.While big brother is looking at you and everything you do scary it is ,someone knows what you had for dinner,just crazy