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As a math savant uncooks the books for a new client, the Treasury Department closes in on his activities and the body count starts to rise.

Title:The Accountant
Release Date:October 14, 2016
Genres:Crime, Thriller, Drama
Production Co.:Zero Gravity Management, Warner Bros., Electric City Entertainment, RatPac-Dune Entertainment
Production Countries:United States of America
Director:Gavin O'Connor, Lori Grabowski, Janine Gosselin
Casts:, , , , , , , , , , , ,
Plot Keywords:autism, criminal, accountant
Alternative Titles:
  • פשע מחושב - [IL]
  • 會計師 - [TW]
  • Sąskaitininkas - [LT]
  • Le Comptable - [CA]
  • 어카운턴트 - [KR]
  • El contador - [AR]
  • Счетоводителят - [BG]
  • O Contador - [BR]
  • El contador - [CL]
  • El contable - [ES]
  • Mr. Wolff - [FR]
  • Ο λογιστής - [GR]
  • Računovođa - [HR]
  • A könyvelő - [HU]
  • Ro'eh ha'kheshbon - [IL]
  • The Consultant - [JP]
  • Ksiegowy - [PL]
  • The Accountant - Acerto de Contas - [PT]
  • The Accountant: Cifre periculoase - [RO]
  • Računovođa - [RS]
  • Расплата - [RU]
  • Računovodja - [SI]
  • Hesaplasma - [TR]
  • El contador - [UY]
  • Mat danh: Ke toan - [VN]
  • El contador - [MX]
  • El contador - [MX]
  • ザ・コンサルタント - [JP]
  • The Accountant - Berechne deine Moeglichkeiten - [DE]

The Accountant Reviews

  • John Wick meets Good Will Hunting
    by allstarrunner on 13 October 2016

    207 out of 255 people found the following review useful:

    It's as if John Wick is the savant janitor from Good Will Hunting, and surprisingly, it worked.

    What should you expect? It has flashes of John Wick action, but it most certainly isn't an all out action movie, however, it also isn't primarily a drama focusing on his autistic/accounting side of things; I felt they did a really good job of combining both elements into a movie that swings back and forth between the two.

    I thought the acting was great all around; I found the plot solid and enjoyable.

    Here is the bottom line: Yes, this movie is worth your money to see in the theater.

    p.s. I'll be the first to admit I have no idea how autism really affects people and how accurate it is or is not portrayed in this movie; I saw this movie as nothing more than what it is: a fictional story to entertain.

  • Best Film of the Year so far.
    by twilightasm15 on 15 October 2016

    178 out of 279 people found the following review useful:

    This film connected with me on so many levels. It delivered in ways I was not expecting. I was laughing, cheering, crying, and ultimately walked out of that theater feeling more than satisfied. I want to go see it again. Something that is great about this film is that there are things you will pick up on more clearly through a second viewing, but it is not required to fully enjoy the film. Like I said in my title, I can say without a shadow of doubt that this film is better than any other film released this year. However, I will follow that by saying I have yet to see "Hell or High Water". So it's more like 99.9% sure. We will see how it holds up against the remaining anticipated releases. I do honestly believe it should be nominated come award season. This film is phenomenal and if you do not see this film before you die, you are doing yourself a disservice.

  • It's entertaining and smart.
    by jdesando on 13 October 2016

    128 out of 182 people found the following review useful:

    A thriller should be entertaining and smart, both of which The Accountant is. Christian Wolff (Ben Affleck) is not Christian in the traditional sense, but he is a wolf of a hunter, about as accurate as anyone behind a telescopic gun barrel could be.

    Yet he's a brilliant accountant at the same time, thank you, autism: He has a savant's grasp of facts and numbers (think Dustin Hoffman in Rain Man) but a serious deficiency in the affective and communicative categories. Affleck plays him with a grasp of disaffection that is almost humorous, in fact is with some of his straight-arrow responses: "I don't guess," he says when queried if he had a hunch about the perpetrator of a fraud.

    You see, he is hired by all kinds of wealthy and criminal business people and governments to uncook their books or whatever is necessary to discover fraud or put the books in order. These jobs lead to situations where he is wanted by bad guys or the IRS or whomever. Wolff's legitimate, current job for a robotics company is complicated enough for him to need several glass walls to write on (think Affleck's buddy Mark Damon in Good Will Hunting), taking in hours what would consume days for a host of professional accountants.

    And so it goes according to the thriller formula that the bad guys will be on his trail, and he will be made vulnerable by a cute co-worker, Dana (Anna Kendrick), who has some of his math savvy and maybe a bit of sweet for him. The Accountant veers from formula because that romance is of the "chaste-and-from-afar" kind, almost but not quite at the kiss stage. It's pleasant not to be bothered by heavy sex when the complications are of the cerebral, themselves the core of pleasure in this brainy, but not too, action drama.

    Unfortunately our autistic hero, trained by a merciless military father to defend himself because dad knew son would always be treated as different, slips into thriller stereotype, e.g. Christian puts down too many hired guns at one time, albeit in the service of a noble retaliation for a prison friend. Although the action is within the parameters of the genre, it here feels overdone given the cerebral contexts that otherwise provide plenty of thrills.

    One of the joys of this film is to see Affleck show some acting chops; he may never be like Dustin Hoffman, but he's memorably stoic here, a long way from J.Lo and Gigli.

  • Best film of the year
    by drjgardner on 14 October 2016

    169 out of 280 people found the following review useful:

    I'm not a Ben Afflick fan but I am a fan of the 3Ds (doom, destruction, and death) and I thought this was a 3D film. Yes, it is a 3D film, but it is so much more. In reality the film is about family, and you won't realize that at first.

    The script is so well crafted this film should be used in writing classes. I guarantee you will not know what's coming, and after they hit you, they're going to hit you again, even better. Truly exceptional writing.

    The acting is also exceptional. Anna Kendrick, J.K.Simmons, and Jon Bernthal really stand out, and for Bernthal it is a change of pace and he carries it off very well. Jeffrey Tambor, John Lithgow and Jean Smart do their usual good job.

    You should see this film. I've rated nearly 5,000 films and only gave 87 a rating of "10". That's how good I think this film is.

  • The Accountant - review: Intellectual & Ferocious
    by parleon-thedon on 14 October 2016

    95 out of 135 people found the following review useful:

    Gavin O'Connor, the director of my favorite movie Warrior. Ben Affleck, the once ridiculed but now stupendous entertainer. J.K. Simmons, the distinguished actor from Whiplash. Jon Bernthal, the rising star from The Walking Dead who's a known but yet still unknown actor, and he's great by the way. John Lithgow, an actor who delivers uncanny especially when he's the villain. Bill Dubuque, who the hell is this guy, but he wrote this movie, and this appears to be his first major project besides Robert Downey Jr's The Judge. I enjoy all of these people's work one way or another. This movie has a good director, good leading man, and an all-star cast. From the trailers, this movie seemed like an intellectual movie about a young boy growing up with mental problems, the boy grows up and becomes an accountant, through his work he does business with shady characters, for some reason his clients want him dead, but we know The Accountant is far more capable of much more than they know. I was anticipating this movie based on all the information I just provided. I thought this movie couldn't miss. Is The Accountant a good movie? The Accountant is a good movie.

    The direction of this seems rather simple, but as the story progresses, things become a bit too complicated, and maybe not for the better.

    I understood the main story and what was happening. The subplot of the movie is what threw me off. I thought the secondary plot was a bit messy but yet still engaging.

    The acting in this movie was excellent. I think Ben Affleck as Christan Wolff is the best character he's ever played. Affleck's performance is both engaging and mesmerizing. Everyone does their job here, but Affleck steals the show.

    The violence feels ultra realistic. I love action movies, but none have felt as real as this in a long time. When The Accountant kills people, he kills people, and it's not pretty.

    There's a lot of jump cutting that's present here. This movie constantly jumps from the past to the present without warning, but the transitions are fluid.

    The execution of the story at times feels tedious due to its consistent jump cutting, multi-layered plot, and abundance of characters.

    Each character gets their moment, and everyone plays a part, but it's the coincidence that brings them all together.

    I think this movie is trying to be more than what it is, and it succeeds. The Accountant movie has a multi-layered engaging main plot about mental illness in young children and how they cope with their situations. The secondary plot is about The Accountant doing business with the wrong people. There's another plot to this movie with J.K Simmons and his story's compelling, but it lacks conviction.

    Overall, I enjoyed this movie. The fight scenes and choreography were breathtaking. The main plot was engaging. Ben Affleck delivered the best performance of his career. Every actor played their part. This movie suffers from sensory overload, but regardless, I believe that it will stimulate not only intellectuals but white-knuckled action junkies as well. The main plot, Ben Affleck, and the violence is ferocious.

    Final Grade: A-

  • The Best Movie I have seen in years
    by stork1947 on 2 November 2016

    101 out of 162 people found the following review useful:

    I have watched the Jason Bourne sagas for years. James Bond movies have been a mainstay since I was in my teens. Ben Affleck, as an actor, was average at best. With that said, I was somewhat skeptical when the trailers were first released about "The Accountant". My curiosity got the best of me. So I went to see it at a matinée. IT WAS SO GOOD!!! Every question raised in this movie was answered by its conclusion. It was so entertaining and creative. I LOVED IT!! The audience applauded at the end while the credits rolled.

    I had to go see it again, because I missed some nuances. When I saw it the second time, again the audience (a different group) applauded at the end. GREAT MOVIE!!!

    I might see it a third time. Can't get too much of a good thing.

  • Knower of All, Master of None
    by bkrauser-81-311064 on 16 October 2016

    48 out of 67 people found the following review useful:

    Christian Wolff (Affleck) has a secret. Behind the cover of an unassuming CPA office, the otherwise resourceful and bashful math savant works free-lance for some of the world's most nefarious criminal enterprises in the world. Yemen, Pakistan, New York, London, no matter where the man goes, there's simply no balance book too unclean nor any employer too dangerous for Wolff not to find missing money. Those recalcitrant enough to think he knows too much, end up at the business end of an anti-aircraft gun.

    Yet this is only part of the story of Christian Wolff, as hinted in the puzzle-piece graphics of the film's brilliant trailer. One thing we get to know almost straight away is Wolff is somewhere on the spectrum. Asperger's, PDD, high-functioning autism; "I prefer not to put a label on things," says Jason Davis's neurologist character as young Chris (Lee) jostles in the background. Convenient; now we can assume Wolff's abilities to uncooked 15 years of books in a single afternoon, kill an assailant with a J. Crew bridle belt and find the works of Jackson Pollock stimulating are all functions of his un- categorized disorder.

    Now in fairness to the film, Hollywood hasn't exactly had a stellar track record when it comes to giving autistic characters moments in the limelight, even when they're being portrayed with a modicum of sympathy or humanity. To give credit where credit is due, The Accountant does a good job differentiating between the attributes of Chris's disorder with the skills he has ascertained through years of tutelage from his roughneck father (Treveiler). As exploitative as the film could have been, I give props to writer Bill Dubuque for not making our entrenched protagonist an autism powered super assassin but rather a gifted assassin who also processes the world differently.

    Yet the film also seems to want to add more to the soup adding layers of espionage thriller dramatics, murder mystery reveals and oddly familiar flashbacks which all seem to serve different masters. Much of the film diverts attention between Wolff and blackmailed Treasury analyst Marybeth Medina (Addai-Robinson) who is coaxed by Director King (Simmons) to find the mystery accountant. The buildup in itself is alright but the backlog of reveals and plot-twists culminates in one fifteen minute exposition drop that capsizes the film like throwing a brick at a miniature sailboat.

    Meanwhile the mystery afoot in The Accountant involves Wolff's newest freelance job which has him investigating biomedical pioneer Lamar Black (Lithgow) and his company. While initially a mundane audit job, Wolff finds himself in a web of intrigue that ensnares the company's board of directors, a sinister security force and a salaried accountant (Kendrick) who first uncovered the can of worms.

    Again, the mystery in itself could have worked if it lent itself more organically to the character. Unfortunately the unexpected Michael Clayton (2007) milieu only made me want to see Wolff's less legitimate work all the more. It'd be one thing if Wolff was a pedestrian CPA with Asperger's, who was suddenly thrust into a plot of corporate intrigue. Yet knowing that the man has a clientele that includes terrorists, drug cartels, the mob and a suspiciously quaint melon farmer, I kept expecting bigger fish to come swimming up.

    Overall, The Accountant is a skillfully done semi-decent thriller that could have done infinitely better if it defined what it was early and kept its focus. Is it a cerebral mystery, a ballsy action flick, a family drama, a cautionary tale, a morality play, an excuse to commend Ben Affleck's range; certainly it can be all. But sadly it settles for being a knower of all and a master of none.

  • The Accountant does not add up.
    by st-shot on 15 November 2016

    75 out of 128 people found the following review useful:

    In this silly convoluted tale that seems to take place in a vacuum somewhere in Illinois Ben Affleck's stilted acting abilities find a home as an adult savant with autism. As Ben belts out his monotone performance we are treated to some major heat and flash of copious violence, ancillary padding and remarkable coincidence before it is all put to rest with a touching reunion mid- massacre.

    Christian Wolfe (Affleck) is a brilliant numbers guy who has cooked the books for some heavy hitters throughout the world. He has become enormously wealthy (Renoir and a Pollock adorn his Airstream) but all the money in the world cannot normalize his ability to communicate with humans. With the Treasury Department chasing him for evasion he takes on a legitimate payday with a Fortune 500 like company but they are knee deep in a multi-million dollar skimming scheme and Christian has to revert to his other specialties to win the day.

    As Terminator with a CPA, Affleck's wooden Wolfe lacks the Austrian accent but remains Arnold like in an All-American way. Besides being brilliant around spread sheets he is also a superb shot with all types of weapons as well as a karate kid, not bad for a child with a handicap.

    The most amazing thing about Christian though is his ability to hide in plain sight while he wipes out poorly shaven baddies with computer game efficiency while Treasury agents sit around and wax nostalgic about their imperfect pasts.

    Director Gavin O'Connor directs with a heavy hand as scenes sink into bathos, his entire cast, save for when there is action, looking fatigued. Building his story like a sloppy sandwich you won't be able to fit into your mouth with banal subplots he attempts to give the film an emotional pull through flashback but the story stretches credulity constantly while the abysmal climax of discovery and gore is so dreadfully paced, the surprises along the way anything but, While it does have its books in order for a sequel the Accountant, nevertheless, goes bankrupt in no time.

  • Nicest movie of this year until now
    by fontana-marcos on 21 October 2016

    68 out of 123 people found the following review useful:

    Yesterday I went to watch the Accountant movie. After watch the movie I felt a strong relation with another movie, Warrior (another movie that I really enjoyed). When I came back to my house, with a small research I saw that the director of both movies was the same, Gavin O'Connor. Now, I feel that I watched 2 movies with different histories but with the same essence. I really enjoyed this movie. It worth every penny.

    Ben Affleck did very well on this movie. Other actors too. Well done production.

    The action scenes were really well done and the Barrett .50 sound is amazing. I love that weapon.

  • A largely entertaining, but deeply flawed, action-thriller.
    by Troy_Campbell on 5 November 2016

    23 out of 36 people found the following review useful:

    Ben Affleck's acting resurgence of the last few years (Argo, Gone Girl, his take on Batman) notches up another tick in the box, this time with an introspective and multi-layered turn as the titular black-market bookkeeper who battles autism, assassins and federal agents. An intricately woven thriller boasting multiple twists and turns—of varying predictability—there's enough meat on the narrative bones to compensate for the over-utilisation of rote flashbacks and the occasional slip into genre cliché. The autism angle certainly lends a fresh viewpoint on old tropes but the film never feels completely confident to commit, becoming selective about when it depicts the mental condition warts-and-all and when it tames it down to suit the scene. That's possibly an unfair criticism though as this movie is an action-thriller first and foremost, and a damn good one at that. The set pieces are a mix of scrappy hand-to-hand fights, à la the Bourne series, and gunplay that emphasises practicality similar to that displayed in John Wick; combining to create sequences that are both brutal and stylish. Thankfully the editing isn't as impatient as it can be in a lot of action flicks, with shots held on the recognisable actors just long enough to convince you they're doing their own stunts, whilst the booming sound design gives the sniper scenes an extra bit of chest-pummelling oomph. It's a shame the otherwise exciting finale is at times lit so dimly it's like you're viewing it with sunglasses on, as it detracts slightly from what could have been an epic climax. But hey, that's a minor quibble. Sharing the screen with Affleck, Jon Bernthal's wild streak comes out to play in another menacing badass role and J.K. Simmons is dependably magnetic as a lead agent with a secret past, however Anna Kendrick's kooky numbers cruncher seems to have walked in from a completely different movie (Pitch Perfect 3 perhaps?). It's by no means flawless, yet the high calibre action, gripping central performance and a few plot-based surprises make The Accountant a largely satisfying cinematic outing.

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