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Ex-government operative Bryan Mills finds his life is shattered when he's falsely accused of a murder that hits close to home. As he's pursued by a savvy police inspector, Mills employs his particular set of skills to track the real killer and exact his unique brand of justice.

Title:Taken 3
Release Date:January 1, 2015
MPAA Rating:16
Genres:Thriller, Action
Production Co.:Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation, M6 Films, Canal+, Grive Productions, Ciné+, M6, TSG Entertainment, Taken 3
Production Countries:France, United States of America
Director:Olivier Megaton, Diane H. Newman, Chloé Rudolf
Casts:, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
Plot Keywords:revenge, murder, on the run, fugitive, framed, father daughter relationship, framed for murder
Alternative Titles:
  • 3lrabolva - [HU]
  • Tak3n - [FR]
  • 救參96小時3 - [HK]
  • Venganza 3 - [ES]
  • Zalozhnica - [RU]
  • Búsqueda Implacable 3 - [CO]
  • Búsqueda implacable 3 - [MX]

Taken 3 Reviews

  • A shockingly disappointing finale, 'Taken 3' is a disgrace to its star Liam Neeson and an appalling display of ineptness by its director Olivier Megaton
    by moviexclusive on 7 January 2015

    214 out of 299 people found the following review useful:

    To set the record straight, no one gets taken in 'Taken 3', a condition that its principal star Liam Neeson laid down before he agreed to return for this third and presumably final instalment. That is perfectly fine with us; after all, how many times can ex- Special Forces operative Bryan Mills find himself having to deploy his very particular set of skills after a member of his family is taken away from him? Indeed, that is not the issue we had with this utterly disappointing third outing, which totally squanders what audience goodwill the first movie had accumulated and its immediate predecessor had not yet depleted.

    Produced by French-based EuropaCorp, the Luc Besson and Robert Mark Kamen-scripted 'Taken' was one of the most notable action films in recent memory when it was released back in 2008. Key to its success was Neeson, whose viciously efficient qualities as the former CIA badass were excellent complement to the actor's natural gravitas and air of gentleman nobility. The inevitable sequel that followed four years later was a letdown to say the least; not only did it slavishly repeat the original's formula, it toned down the former's no-holds-barred brutality to make it more accessible to a younger audience, and in the process losing the former's gritty, visceral, and even transgressive edge.

    Unfortunately, fans of the original hoping that the series would go out on a bang will be sorely disappointed to know that 'Taken 3' is cast in the same mould as the sequel. There are plenty of gunshots but no sight of blood. There is hand-to-hand combat that plays out more like a playground brawl between teenagers. Even a torture scene that sees Neeson waterboard fellow co-star Dougray Scott is extremely tame in comparison with a similar and brutally memorable one in the first movie, that if one recalls involved the use of electric clamps that Neeson stabbed into his nemesis' thighs. Not that we relish the portrayal of extreme violence, but 'Taken 3' seem to know not the difference between being restrained and being dull.

    But the deadened violence isn't quite the movie's most critical flaw; that belongs unquestionably to its director Olivier Megaton. A Besson regular since 'Transporter 3', Megaton took over the reins from Pierre Morel on 'Taken 2' but has apparently learnt nothing from his previous directorial duties. If there was already a worrying ineptness to his ability to craft a proper action sequence in 'Taken 2', then this follow-up shows Megaton at his most incompetent.

    Clearly influenced by Paul Greengrass' frenetic shooting of the 'Bourne' movies, Megaton insists on flailing hand-held camera-work, frantic over-editing and claustrophobic close-ups to ruin every single action sequence in the entire f**king movie (and yes, it is indeed that frustrating to watch). A freeway car chase is reduced to a flurry of close-ups and rapid edits that bear no continuity or coherence. A confrontation in a liquor store between Neeson and some of the Russian mobsters who took his ex-wife's life is shot in such close-ups it is impossible to make out who is doing what. And worst of all, there is no climax to speak of – not when a shootout between Neeson and another group of Russian mobsters protecting their boss Oleg Malankov (Sam Spruell) is so poorly staged it makes not a single iota of sense, or when a race between a Porsche driven by Neeson and a private plane ends in an collision that takes out the plane's front wheel but leaves no one hurt.

    It is even more infuriating to think that Megaton manages to f**k up every single sequence when there aren't that many to begin with. Eschewing the simple set-up of the previous two films, Besson and Kamen have instead opted here for a more plot-driven narrative, setting Neeson up against Forest Whitaker's LAPD Detective Franck Dotzler even while the former hunts down his wife's killers. That certainly recalls the dynamic between Harrison Ford and Tommy Lee Jones in 'The Fugitive', but 'Taken 3' is nowhere as smart and Whitaker nowhere near as keen as Jones' ever was. Though Besson and Kamen's script opts for double-crosses, hidden agendas and whodunits to keep their audience's attention, it is quite clear right at the very start just who has been pulling the strings, a mystery that once solved makes the rest of the proceedings unnecessarily protracted.

    Not that it actually matters – while Neeson went about methodically tracking down his kidnapped family in the first and second movies, he rarely exhibits the same kind of discipline clearing his name here. Too much time is spent on emotionally hollow character relationships in the first act, i.e. between Bryan and his young adult daughter Kim (Maggie Grace), or between Bryan and his ex-wife Lenore (Famke Janssen), or between Bryan and Lenore's current husband Stuart (Scott), while the second act is equally wasted on Bryan's strenuous efforts to contact Kim who is placed under the close watch of the LAPD. By the time Bryan actually gets down to investigating, almost everyone involved looks more keen on getting it over and done – none more so than Neeson, who looks tired and completely uninterested from scene to scene.

    Perhaps Neeson is all too aware that the 'Taken' franchise has completely sputtered out; indeed, 'Taken 3' plays almost like a parody of the original movie, which was to action fans a sheer unbridled delight for its realistic stuntwork and hand-to-hand combat. Both these elements are sorely and sadly missing from a movie that can't even get its priorities right, no thanks to the utter shocking ineptitude of its director. Like we said, no one in the movie gets taken, but little did we know that the title was meant to be a joke on its audience, who are literally taken for a ride here. Spare yourself the agony, frustration and disappointment, and just NOT get on in the first place.

  • So terrible it was actually funny
    by Mandeep Marwaha on 12 January 2015

    203 out of 292 people found the following review useful:

    3 stars might be a little harsh seeing as I did enjoy this film, but I enjoyed it for all the wrong reasons. Seemed like a movie made by idiots for idiots. Anyone who is mildly intelligent will find it laughable.

    Where do I start, the way this film was shot was poor at best, no scene lasted longer the 3 minutes to try and achieve the same relentless pace we enjoyed from the first Taken movie. This was even worse during any action sequence where there would be about 20 different shots in a space of 30 seconds showing pretty much the same event from pointless angles.

    The dialogue, so cheesy, they put in every cliché line from any action movie you can think of, one dimensional characters sounding like idiots. There was a moment in this film where Mills plugs in a USB into a LAPD computer and the computers voices says "You are currently accessing the LAPD hidden files" just in case people in the cinema missed this.

    This movie treats its audience like they are slow, and I feel you actually have to be to enjoy it for what it is. Some of the actions sequences were so unrealistic even a 9 your boy would find it a push to believe let alone us adults. Poor way to end a dying trilogy. Hopefully it will now stay dead.

  • Actually worse than Taken 2.
    by xgabrielchastainx-427-835287 on 21 January 2015

    187 out of 314 people found the following review useful:

    You'd have to be an idiot to trust the opinion of someone who can't review a movie without waffling for 20 minutes. Listen to me; you won't be sorry. This is not a good movie. Taken was pretty good; Taken 2...not so much. This one is just bad; It's just an old guy running around, shooting at stuff. None of the clever stuff from the other 2 movies is here. Nothing that made Taken good is in here. Nothing that made Taken 2 at least recognizable as a Taken movie is here.

    If you ignore me and watch it anyway, I will look for you, I will find you...you know the rest. Actually, if you'd sat through this movie, you'd probably welcome the sweet relief. I meant to end this review right after "This movie is bad", but IMDb apparently likes people to waffle, and there is a 10 line minimum.

  • This is not Taken 3, this is Parkinson 3!!!
    by QCTeamkill on 9 January 2015

    85 out of 121 people found the following review useful:

    Whoever edited and filmed this, should visit a doctor ASAP.

    The editing is atrocious, you can't see anything during the action scenes. Moves and hits are usually lost and you can't see who is hitting who, where, how. If you think Taken 2 was bad, this movie takes the spot at clearly trying to do the worst to suck badly.

    The movie is also slow and it's less focused on action, if compared to the previous ones.

    By the way, if nobody is taken, then why is it called Taken? Is it because my money was TAKEN by a crappy movie?

    Bad guys appear in the first 5 minutes and then come back only after the 1 hour mark. That means we got almost 1 hour of pure nonsense.

    Our hero destroys at least 20 cars, obviously killing innocent people. Nothing happens to him, he's called a hero, he is free to walk away, Such cool guy that Brian Mills!!!

    This movie is a turd and you should avoid. Ah, it doesn't even have a real conclusion. If Taken 4 gets made ( you know it'll get made ), we know his grandchild is gonna be Taken. I'm serious, he now has a freaking grandchild to take care.

  • Awful Camera, Edition and Direction and Senseless Plot
    by Claudio Carvalho on 25 April 2015

    37 out of 45 people found the following review useful:

    In Los Angeles, Lenore St. John (Famke Janssen) is murdered with sliced throat in the apartment of her ex-husband Bryan Mills (Liam Neeson) and he is accused by the police of murdering her. Detective Franck Dotzler (Forest Whitaker) pursues Bryan while he investigate who might be the killer and protects his daughter Kim (Maggie Grace). Bryan discovers that the Russian gangster Oleg Malankov (Sam Spruell) is the responsible of Lenore's death and together with his team of friends and Lenore's husband Stuart St. John (Dougray Scott), he hunts him down. But why Lenore was killed?

    "Taken 3" is a movie with awful camera, edition and direction and senseless plot. The edition is annoying with several cuts, but the plot is ridiculous. When Bryan is arrested at the gas station, no police officer is interested to see the surveillance camera footage. Why should he drug his daughter instead of putting a note in the yogurt scheduling a meeting with her in the toilet? How did he escape from the explosion in the elevator? Oleg's building is surrounded by security system, but a van parks in the parking area and no guard comes to check. Stuart spends lots of time in the van and it is not strange for the security guards. Why Stuart need to flee abducting Kim? Did Bryan's friend die in the van? Bryan causes several accidents on the highway certainly with injured people; destroys a parking building and cars; destroys an airplane; but in the end everything is OK. My vote is four.

    Title (Brazil): "Perseguição Implacável 3" ("Implacable Search 3")

  • I got dizzy watching this movie
    by Andrew Mablekos (mablekos@yahoo.co.uk) on 12 March 2015

    29 out of 39 people found the following review useful:

    One of the worst movie editing I've ever seen in my life for an action movie. That killed the movie for me. I think they should just withdraw Taken 2 and Taken 3 and admit that they should have stopped at the first one.

    This movie was so boring, and when you expected to see some action scenes, you were getting yourself in the paranoid mind of a director who wanted to experiment on the poor audience. My eyes still hurt from the crappy editing of this movie.

    Guys please stop here, enough, no more Taken sequels. With each one of them you're killing the hype that the first one created.

  • "It ends here" is good advice
    by rogerdarlington on 11 January 2015

    52 out of 86 people found the following review useful:

    In the beginning, former special forces expert Bryan Mills (Liam Neeson) found that his daughter was taken in Paris while, in the sequel, he himself was taken in Istanbul. Clearly Neeson took a bit of persuading to play the role a third time, but it would appear that three factors persuaded him: first, he didn't want to do any travelling this time (so all the shooting -in both senses of the word - is in the overly-familiar Los Angeles where he goes "down the rabbit hole"); second, apparently he didn't think anyone should be taken this time (and the writers obeyed the injunction until near the end when they just couldn't resist any more); and third, he wanted the money.

    This is a movie which divides the critics and the public: the former have been very condescending about it but the later enjoy Mills using his special skills again and again (and you can't really blame them). The bad guys here are (mostly) Russians who have terrible accents and awful clothes (especially underwear), but it is always a pleasure to see Forest Whitaker (an intelligent member of the LAPD who knows the significance of a warm bagel). The tag line in the advertisements for "Taken 3" is "It ends here" and I think that would be a sensible decision (although I wouldn't guarantee it).

  • Mistaken
    by thesar-2 on 2 April 2015

    16 out of 18 people found the following review useful:

    Oh, sure, there are a ton of sequels that both "take" down a series, but also "take" it too far. Taken 3 is the A Good Day to Die Hard of the series and by God, I hope both movies end the two franchises.

    I recently gave Taken 2 another chance after not liking it the first time it was released. Wow. If anyone thought that movie was bad, just watch the third chapter I initially was hoping would be the Last Crusade of the series. False. And I actually like Taken 2 the second time a whole lot more than the first viewing.

    This absolutely atrocious sequel that has nothing to do with the series, let alone anything to do with "TAKING," is basically a sometimes action script that was altered to piggyback on the successful series. Yes. Just like Troll 2 and just about as bad.

    After an incredibly stale opening that, again, feels nothing like a "Taken" movie, it continues with basically, the same dumb opening of Alien 3. What follows is an amazingly predictable movie where a wrongfully accused 62-year-old actor acts like someone as athletic as someone a third of his age and can escape explosions as easily as Batman dodging a nuclear explosion in under 5 seconds. It's no wonder Liam Neeson starred in The A-Team movie – he never has a scratch on him after unbelievably surviving multiple car wrecks that would easily kill 999 out of 1,000 people.

    What this movie should've done was to fire Liam, hire Jason Statham, rename this as Transporter 4 and acknowledge the silliness like that series did.

    The decision is clear: Watch 2008's Taken and repeatedly. No need to see #2 or #3. Dear God, please let there be no fourth Taken. I can't possibly "take" this anymore.

    * * *

    Final thoughts: Lesson learned – to clear your name from a crime you didn't commit, kill as many people in cold blood while leaving more than enough evidence behind – not to mention, admitting to the police that you murdered someone – and then you can live happily ever after. For shits and giggles, run a car into a plane taking off that's holding the very person you're trying to protect. Don't worry, it'll survive the explosion, as, um, most planes do.

  • Even Liam Neeson could not save this one....
    by Thomas West on 21 January 2015

    37 out of 63 people found the following review useful:

    Taken 3: Liam Neeson is the king of action movies. He is the ultimate badass. Every action movie I have seen with Liam Neeson, I have enjoyed. Every single film... except Taken 3. Liam Neeson tried but ultimately the movie was terrible. The film suffers from a near non- existent plot that thinks a lot of car chases and explosions is enough to make this movie passable- it was not.

    Not often in an action movie do I find myself getting bored, but it happened here. During one of the unmemorable scenes of the car chase, I found myself wondering what Liam Neeson's character Bryan Mills is trying to accomplish here. The answers was nothing. I thought long and hard about it throughout the film and came to the conclusion there was no actual point to the chase. It added nothing to the plot and Bryan Mills could have easily gotten rid of the cops before they even hand-cuffed him because of his "very special set of skills" which he exhibited numerous times throughout the film. Hollywood should know that, although Liam Neeson is awesome in every way, he is not a substitute for a well- throughout plot.

    The script was even worse. The dialogue throughout the movie was terrible. None of the lines added any depth to the characters. We already knew the returning characters but the new characters could have been horrendously murdered and the audience wouldn't have really cared because the director didn't give any depth to them. Worst of all Forest Whitaker's character Detective Franck Dotzler was said to be smart numerous times, but the grand conclusion he makes at the end of the film is something the audience figured out in ten seconds. I don't want to give away the big surprise but it has to do with "very tasty bagels."

    I honestly felt bad for Liam Neeson during this movie. His acting was as good as it could be, but the script and plot were terrible. He had to carry the movie from the very second it started. I know he had a contract to do the film, but I would have demanded a rewrite if I was him because it was about a thousand times worse than the original Taken. Again, Liam Neeson was still incredible as always and only because of him, watching the movie was not a total waste of time.

    This movie might be an entertaining movie to watch on DVD or video on demand. That is a big might though. I do not recommend you see this movie in theaters and you should only watch it if you are having a really boring Sunday afternoon.

    For more of my reviews, go to my website at reviewsbywest.com

  • Terrible Direction-waste of time
    by rpr-46-242049 on 19 January 2015

    16 out of 25 people found the following review useful:

    This review contains some spoilers.

    The biggest problem with this movie is the central premise: if the police are trying to arrest you for a crime you did not commit, you can create whatever level of death and destruction you deem necessary to escape and prove your innocence. At the end of the movie, the main police character, Forrest Whitaker, tells Mills (Liam Neeson) that Mills' hacking the police computer is a crime and Mills could be arrested. They both have a quiet chuckle and Neeson is "free to leave". After assaulting a number of police officers, wrecking several police cars, stealing a police car, throwing officers out of moving cars, shooting the obligatory dozen bad guys and causing a freeway crash that is supposed to be one of the highlights of the movie, hacking the police computer would be the least of Mill's problems.

    Prior "Taken" movies require some suspension of your disbelief. One guy creates total havoc and kills several dozen bad guys and then walks away with family member in hand. This is theoretically possible because Mills leaves the country after all the death and destruction. This movie takes place in America. In the world where Taken 3 takes place, if you uncover an evil plot and confine your killing to the guys who have the right tattoos, Forrest Whitaker will smile genially and send you on your way. This movie requires that you be a complete idiot.

    Then there are the mistakes. Brian Mills finds the body of a main character in his bed whom he tries to revive by patting the wrist! One suspects the character was poisoned. Later, we are told the character's throat was cut. Yet no blood anywhere!

    Don't get "Taken". Stay away from this stinker.

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