Sherlock: The Final Problem

Sherlock: The Final Problem
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Long buried secrets finally come to light as someone has been playing a very long game indeed. Sherlock and John face their greatest ever challenge. Is the game finally over?

Title:Sherlock: The Final Problem
Release Date:January 15, 2017
Genres:Mystery, Drama
Production Co.:BBC Wales, Hartswood Films, Masterpiece Theatre
Production Countries:United Kingdom
Director:Benjamin Caron
Casts:, , , , , , , ,
Plot Keywords:sherlock holmes

Sherlock: The Final Problem Reviews

  • Is this a joke?
    by TheOrangeFrog on 15 January 2017

    219 out of 334 people found the following review useful:

    Wow. Wow and wow. I'm afraid this is not an exclaim of admiration, more so on the fact that I can honestly say this episode is perhaps the biggest let down for a finale in TV history. What once was an incredible show in almost all ways has become an over-the-top Hollywood B-movie blockbuster because of this crap excuse for an episode. What were the writers thinking, or were they taking the same stuff Sherlock was? What happened to the intelligent dialogue? The brilliant direction? The satisfying plot twists and solutions? The humour? This episode was literally a cross between Shutter Island and Saw, only worse. 10 x worse I might say. 90 minutes consisting of three blokes on an island controlled by a 'supervillain' who happens to be the third Holmes sister who is so smart she can somehow manipulate all who come across her into performing her every bidding. I hate to say this but at times I was laughing. At how absurd the plot was, then again I'm starting to doubt whether there was one? Perhaps it was in Sherlocks mind palace? If they do return for series 5 I look forward to the bs they'll attempt to conjure up that will erase this nonsense, that in actual fact Eurus was being mentally manipulated by Redbeard the dog, who in turn told her to tell Sherlock that he was in fact Jim Moriarty's father, the real criminal mastermind barking orders from the galaxy Andromeda.

    I have been such a great fan of the show since it's inception and am honestly trying my hardest to fork out some praise for this episode but it is near impossible. Such a shame considering the last one was arguably the best of the bunch.

  • Unbelievable CRAP. Just a bunch of pretentious pseudo-psychological twists...
    by Dr_Sagan on 16 January 2017

    147 out of 203 people found the following review useful:

    OK. This is designed to please the viewers with the lowest IQ. Trying to surpass all previous installments and to impress the low-minded with cheap tricks and ridiculous situations.

    Honestly, you have to have a really really strong suspension of disbelief to swallow any of this, even for mere entertainment. It's a total mess. A bunch of pretentious pseudo-psychological twists, that you will forget soon after the episode ends.

    As you might know from the previous episode, the Holmes brothers have a long lost sister. As we learn soon enough, she is some short of ...super villain, who is able to ...control your mind and make you do things, almost like Kilgrave in Marvel's Jessica Jones! No real explanation for that. She just can, because she is an..."era-defining genius, more clever than Isaac Newton." (LOL!).

    The great Sherlock Holmes isn't at his best in this one, as he can't even notice a whole frame of bulletproof glass that it's missing, (no reflections or diffraction at all), 3 feet away from him, nor can understand the difference of the sound of a violin playing, supposedly on the other side of a thick glass that is strong enough to hold the worst criminals humanity ever known!

    Among other things you also get the BXDXSN-707672 super duper hi-tech grenade that, very conveniently, needs ...3 whole seconds (!!!!) to explode, so our heroes to escape from its blast without a scratch.

    The resolution is ridiculous and simple and the master villain sister becomes calm as a kitty, without any apparent reason other than some comforting words from her brother.

    The epilogue is also a mess. Just random pieces from previous episodes: Sherlock remembers Lestrade first name, the parents (actual and fictional) of Sherlock make a cameo appearance, and also "Mary" (real separated and fictional dead) wife of Martin Freeman continues to talk in a DVD.

    Overall: Tiresome beyond believe. Seems more like random pieces and forced twists masqueraded as a plot device: --The long lost sister of the Holmes is in cahoots with the officially dead Jim Moriarty and sets a couple of ridiculous riddle-ish exercises, just before she turned into a scared little girl who enjoys playing the violin with her brother.

    The Final Problem? Well, if that's the case it better be the final episode.


  • What on earth did I just watch?
    by Sophie Berger on 15 January 2017

    156 out of 242 people found the following review useful:

    i've never written a review here before. I logged into my account just to express my utter disbelief and disappointment. I can't wrap my head around this episode. It feels like the whole show turned into a terrible parody of itself. These 90 minutes made perfectly no sense whatsoever. Full of unanswered questions regarding the previous episodes, we are left with several plot holes, ridiculous "twists" and some bad CGI action effects. All literally spitting the past 7 years in the face. I can't believe the writers seriously thought this was a fitting ending. It's not even the queer-baiting that annoys me the most. It's the fact that nothing adds up. The whole thing was like a bad acid trip. I'm honestly baffled.

  • How the hell did this get past a rough draft?
    by Erica Davidson on 15 January 2017

    180 out of 295 people found the following review useful:

    I'd give it a zero if I could. This was such a bad episode in so many ways. First off, they didn't address the previous episode's cliffhanger of Eurus shooting John. It's a minor thing, but the explosion special effects were quite poorly done. The episode was very confusing at times just with the way it was shot with what was going on during the flashbacks. But the main problem is Eurus(you might even say... the final problem).

    There is NO way anyone could control people like she did. None. There were too many things with her that nobody could be fooled by! Especially Sherlock Holmes, regarding there being no glass in her cell. There is no way Sherlock wouldn't have noticed that immediately, unless he was playing along, which it certainly didn't seem like. How could Eurus and Moriarty have planned ALL THAT in five minutes? Who the hell was Sherlock talking to if there wasn't a real plane? Did they not show Eurus burning that house down? How is it suddenly not burnt to ashes? How did John escape the well via a rope if he was CHAINED TO THE GROUND. How did John, a doctor, not immediately recognise human bones? Why would they EVER think putting Eurus back in that place is a good idea, claiming she's safe this time. Imo she should have gotten the death sentence.

    This whole episode seemed like a drug trip. I HOPED it was a drug trip because of how bad it was, despite that already being overdone in this series. Literally the only good things about this episode were 1. Mrs. Hudson and 2. there was no cliffhanger.

  • Expectations dashed and left in a sad pile on the floor
    by Kierah Falkner on 16 January 2017

    83 out of 127 people found the following review useful:

    I love Sherlock, I've loved it for years. I've been watching the show since I was 11 years old. I'm now almost 17. Sherlock has helped me grow into a love for film making, literature, science and art. I had so much hope that this show would make a come back after a fairly mediocre third season. I truly believed that Moffat and Gatiss would pull their heads in and make something of the dwindling story lines they'd built so many years ago with these two fantastic characters.

    I'm an optimistic person. I rushed to watch this series before spoilers could cloud my perception, and ignored the pitiful reviews raining down around me, as well as the dishearteningly hap dash quality of the first episode. Perhaps something good was still to come in the next two episode.

    I'll admit, I actually really loved the second episode. It neatly wrapped up the shoddy plot adaptions of the first episode, and made way for a next episode that could be interesting and insightful, with new characters that seemed enticing and exciting. However, the sudden burst in quality was not to last.

    The last episode was Trash.

    1. None of the events or challenges that took place actually meant anything. You learn nothing about the characters, they are not developed in any manner, no one that matters is even greatly /effected/ by the events that take place.

    2. Everything that happens is ridiculously unrealistic, or extremely out of character

    3. Sherlock is consistently stupid. The whole episode, he is fumbling, blank, thwarted. Remember how the show is /about/ Sherlock's intellect? In this episode, he is like a child. The plot revolves around how Sherlock, the 'one of a kind high functioning sociopath', 'brilliant detective', 'freak loner' is the emotional, dullard heart of his family, the delicate social butterfly blonde of the Holmes trio.

    4. All of the times Sherlock is meant to do something 'clever' it is played offhandedly in the hopes that the audience wont question how it is Sherlock just did something impossible. The first few seasons of Sherlock were careful to make it clear that everything Sherlock does is something that an, admittedly highly advanced, but still undeniably human, being could theoretically do; that Sherlock isn't a superhero with magic powers but in fact just an incredibly intelligent man. It is one of the main draw cards of Sherlock Holmes as a character. Yet the only scenes credited as "Sherlock being Sherlock-y" are played off as being just that; there's no explanation as to how what he just did was possible, it's just expected that the audience will accept it without question because "Sherlocks just clever like that and this is where the plot needs us to be now anyway". In other words, Dues Ex Machina for daaaays.

    5.The villains feel somewhat reminiscent of the kind found in a hero show that has been running too long; every episode trying to find a way to make the /new/ worst villain of all time a little bit worse than the /last/ worse villain of all time; unearthing some new weakness for our hero to overcome, and ultimately ending up undermining the whole premise of the show to begin with. It was saddening to behold.

    6. The dialogue is cringe worthy. (this is related to point 7, but I feel like it also deserved a separate point entirely) 7. So many times in the episode, emotional weight is built around the use of line repetition. However, the thing that makes it truly pathetic is that the lines being regurgitated had minimal emotional significance to begin with, and often were used for the /first/ time only minutes previous. The frequency of these repetitions is pummeling, lines often repeated up to 6 times in a matter of minutes, such as the "we have to be soldiers now" line. I especially, /especially/ hated the east wind repetitions. (How many times can you say 'the east wind' in an episode? too many? I take your too many times an episode and challenge you with two many times a minute! Pff, I'll overlay them! Two many times a frame!) It was nauseating to behold.

    8. So... So many dramatic pauses before a dramatic reveal of a dramatic new unexpected twist piece of hidden information...

    9. The episode spent its literal entirety alienating the main antagonist from the audience. However, in the last five minutes of screen time, the script expects the audience to do a complete back flip and fall into sympathy and compassion for this evil woman, who is 'really just a lonely child at heart.' The audience is left confused and annoyed that this monster is being shown sympathy.

    Every time I watch a new episode of Sherlock, I get the impression the writers are loosing sight of their target audience. People that have never seen the show before may be amused by the antics; they're jovial enough, and there's explosions, and there's a Sherlock solving problems and a Watson bopping along beside him and I guess you've got all the boxes ticked so good job well done we have another season of Sherlock! But for the people that have been watching this show from the beginning, it's not enough. 7 years are a long time for no character development. The plot is stagnating, the villains are getting old, and the twists are getting more and more blasé. I can't help but get the impression you're working harder on making sure your show is unpredictable than on making sure it's enjoyable.

    I hope the writers use this next hiatus to collect up everything they've made so far and take a long hard look at what they've lost over the seasons. I doubt they're going to be able revive this beaten horse of a show again if they persist in making shows at the quality of this most recent season.

  • "The Final Problem"? more like the Final Season of Sherlock
    by manny diego on 16 January 2017

    49 out of 65 people found the following review useful:

    The writers of this episode expected way too much from their audience. They expect us to care about a character, who before the last 5 minutes of The Lying Detective, we never even knew existed? They expect us to care that she was upset and went on a killing rampage because her brother wouldn't play pirates with her? They expect us to believe that the dog Sherlock used to have was actually a child who died in a well and ate out of a dog food bowl with the name "Redbeard" on it? They expect us to believe that Sherlock would so easily forgive her after she killed people and forced him to emotionally hurt his close friends? No way in hell am I going to accept these stupid facts about a plot that never even existed in canon ACD Sherlock Holmes stories. They should've scrapped the idea of Sherlock having a sister in the first place. This show is about Sherlock, a detective who loves to solve crimes and loves his best friend John Watson, not about some new secret Holmes family bull.

  • They've lost a loyal fan...
    by Martina Vasquez on 15 January 2017

    120 out of 207 people found the following review useful:

    In the 5 years that I've watched this show, I can safely say that this episode is the worst in the entire series. It didn't feel like an episode of Sherlock at all. It felt rushed, cheap, and downright boring. The whole "Sherlock has a sister!!" plot came out of nowhere and didn't fit along with the previous 2 episodes in the season AT ALL. As a finale, I was expected to be blown away by how amazing it was, instead it blew me away about how awful it was. I don't see a possibility of a fifth season after this and even if they somehow did end up renewing it I don't know how in the world they're going to fix the mess they've made of the show and honestly, I'm not going to stick around to find out. As far as I'm concerned, the show ended after The Abominable Bride.

  • I don't get the point of this episode
    by Saeglopur on 15 January 2017

    93 out of 156 people found the following review useful:

    Last week's episode 'The Lying Detective' was stunning, one of the best of the whole show, with a shocking twist at the end as the final build-up for this episode. And then...disappointment.

    This twist had so much potential, but it all felt half-baked, rushed, without any of the clever storytelling we are used to, while the drama and action levels were raised significantly - something I expect from a generic Hollywood blockbuster. Also the villain didn't seem to have any motive for all this crazy stuff, other than being evil. There were lots of riddles, but there wasn't any of the suspense I love this show for. And there were so much plot holes! For example, why the hell this 'christmas treat' for the villain? What's the point? In fact this was the first Sherlock episode where I thought to myself after a while 'Please bring this to an end finally!'. I just didn't care - and I'm saying this as someone who considers this one of his all-time favourite TV shows.

    Of course this episode also had its moments and things like acting, visuals, or music were great, as always. But unfortunately this wasn't enough at all to outweight the surprisingly poor writing and I really hope this won't be the last episode, just because this show deserves a better ending.

  • Creators of this show are geniuses or dumb? We will never know
    by vjsingh8888 on 16 January 2017

    48 out of 68 people found the following review useful:

    This was worst of episode of the series. Super lame and dumb. Sherlock used to be my favorite TV show, but this season was pure sh*t.

    When I heard this was probably going to be the final season, I was sad and Now I'm glad that show has ended.


    They deliberately made this episode so bad that the fans will not be mad that this series is over just like Mycroft was trying to make Sherlock angry by saying demeaning stuff about Watson so that Sherlock would kill Mycroft instead of Watson and making it easier for him. They killed the show perfectly.

  • Another comically evil villain, can Moffat write anything else?
    by lukekelly010 on 15 January 2017

    103 out of 184 people found the following review useful:

    Sherlock started off as an original TV show which rekindled interest in Sherlock Holmes, the writing duo of Moffat and Gatiss created a unique angle of Sherlock Holmes, however things started to turn with the introduction of Moriarty, an over the top villain but little more than a carbon copy of Moffat's interpretation of the Master in Doctor Who. And now we have Euros, another comically evil villain with little to no other motivation than she is crazy and over the top. The Masters, Moriarty and Euros are all out for revenge and it has become pretty apparent that Moffat has run out of ideas. To cut a long story short the show has become boring and predictable and this episode sums up the absolute worst of Moffat's writing.

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