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Orly Poster
6/10 by 1 user

Amidst the impersonal hubbub of Paris' Orly Airport, strangers meet, secrets are revealed, and sudden intimacies develop in this beautifully observed mosaic of lives in transit.

Release Date:June 1, 2010
Genres:Drama, Foreign
Production Countries:Germany, France
Director:Angela Schanelec
Casts:, , , , , ,
Plot Keywords:woman director

Orly Reviews

  • A morning in the life of an airport.
    by Avery Hudson on 13 March 2010

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    Nine travelers wait in the departure hall of Paris' Orly airport, a big open space flooded with light and well suited to its purpose. A place where people can wait like people, instead of unconscious objects.

    A man and a woman, both French expatriates, meet by chance and talk about their lives. A mother and her teenage son, going to the funeral of her ex-husband and his father, divulge their recent sexual histories. A young German couple on their first trip together. A woman leaving an older lover.

    Incredible, but the airport has a rational, progressive attitude toward filming in this 21st century. "People are constantly shooting films in Orly," director Angela Schanelec said in an interview. "I really just got in line."

    "We shot on ordinary days and didn't rope off the space, as I had originally planned. We only had the actors and those who played the police and security personnel, because we weren't actually permitted to film the officers on duty." The other people are regular travelers, going about their business, waiting for departure.

    Near the end, a burst of Cat Power – "Remember me / don't ever forget me child / we all are only here / just for a little while…"

    In a miracle of focused sight and sound, the scripted stories take place in the context of an extended documentary view of a morning at Orly.

  • People
    by zif ofoz on 26 March 2017

    from United States

    People in a very busy air terminal - ORLY - a huge airport in which millions enter and leave every year. Everybody has things to do and places to go.

    Here we are given a brief peek into the lives of nine people awaiting their flight. None of these nine know the others. A family, boy and girlfriend, a ticket seller, etc.

    Like all others we have needs and wants, love and fear, certainty and uncertainty. We are mostly all alike in those aspects of life.

    Here you are offered a quick look then it's gone. Just like the airplanes coming and going.

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