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Go for the kill.
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An assassin is shot at the altar by her ruthless employer, Bill and other members of their assassination circle – but 'The Bride' lives to plot her vengeance. Setting out for some payback, she makes a death list and hunts down those who wronged her, saving Bill for last.

Title:Kill Bill: Vol. 1
Release Date:October 10, 2003
MPAA Rating:18
Genres:Action, Crime
Production Co.:Miramax Films, A Band Apart, Super Cool ManChu
Production Countries:United States of America
Director:Quentin Tarantino
Writers:, ,
Casts:, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
Plot Keywords:japan, coma, martial arts, kung fu, underworld, yakuza, sword, bride, revenge, gore, female yakuza, blood, wedding, samurai sword, part animation
Alternative Titles:
  • Kill Bill - [US]
  • Kill Bill: Volumen 1 - [ES]
  • Kill Bill 1 - [GB]
  • 杀死比尔 - [CN]
  • Kill Bill: Volume 1 - [US]
  • Kill Bill, la venganza: Volumen I - [AR]
  • Bili Öldürmek: Bölüm 1 - [AZ]
  • Kiru Biru - [JP]
  • Nuzudyti Bila 1 - [LT]
  • Nogalinat Bilu: 1.dala - [LV]
  • Kill Bill - A Vingança (vol. 1) - [PT]
  • Kill Bill: Volumul 1 - [RO]
  • Ubiti Bila, prvi deo - [RS]
  • Ubila bom Billa 1 - [SI]
  • Kill Bill - Volume 1 - [DE]
  • Kill Bill: Volume 1 - [DE]
  • 杀死比尔:第一卷 - [CN]

Kill Bill: Vol. 1 Reviews

  • Gorgeous!
    by Emma on 1 March 2005

    340 out of 579 people found the following review useful:

    A lot of people have come up to me and said "How can you love Quentin that much, he is just too extreme!" or "Oh come on, Kill Bill is just SO not realistic.." Yes. No.

    Mr. Quentin Tarantino is rather extreme, yes, and it's lovely! And No. Kill Bill is not realistic, but it's not meant to be realistic! Just like... Lord of the Rings, that's not realistic either! But because it has clear unreal elements, like wizards, it's acceptable?

    You don't go to see Kill Bill, or any other Q.T-film to see "Stepmom", in the same way you don't go to a Marilyn Manson concert hoping that they will play some Spice Girls..

    Kill Bill, both volume 1 and 2, is absolutely gorgeous! The art direction is beautiful! The camera angles are perfect... just Gorgeous! The lighting, the sound, the dialogs... and of course, the details! No one works with small details the way Quentin does. I must also say that the soundtrack is brilliant and the whole film is just so well casted! Uma Thurman is perfect in the leading role, Darryl Hannah has never been this good before, ever! And Chiaki Kuriyama, even though she has a quite small role, is excellent, even better than she is in "Battle Royale". David Carradine is painfully perfect, Michael Madsen is ALWAYS excellent, but never as good as when he works with Tarantino. I must also say that Sonny Chiba was great. I've never been a big fan of Vivica A Fox until now, and I used to think that Lucy Liu was just your average actor but she turned out to be fierce. Pretty much everyone who is in this film is ten times better than they've ever been.

    But above all things, Kill Bill is artistic, beautiful... Perfect colors, perfect everything... gotta love it.

  • Instant classic, but not for all audiences.
    by The_Angry_Critic on 6 March 2005

    248 out of 423 people found the following review useful:

    I know it's a couple years late, but I had to write a review for some of the few people that haven't seen one of my favorite and refreshing I've seen over the last few years. Kill Bill Vol. 1 is yet another quality film of Tarantino's short, but distinguished list.

    Kill Bill involves a nameless woman (Uma Thurman) who is slowing seeking revenge on her former hit squad the Viper Squad and her boss Bill (David Caradine.) Her former hit squad wronged her by gunning down her closest friends and family during her wedding and putting her into a coma while being pregnant. A few years later she awakens in a hospital, without child, and tries to track down each member of the squad. As the story progresses (through this film and the sequel), you find out who she really, why Bill wanted her dead and the fate of her daughter.

    The movie is really a combination of Tarantino's love for the 70's over-dramatized Kung-Fu movie era and story of revenge with rich dialog. Yes, this movie is violent, but in a cheesy way. This created some controversy and really had audiences stirred up, failing to realize it was supposed to be over the top without no sense of realism. Like I said, it was supposed to be a tribute more so than a gruesome action flick. With all cheesiness aside, I can understand how some people could feel a little woozy after seeing someone lose an arm and having 4 gallons of Kool-Aid red blood shoot out of the body like a whale's blow hole. What really makes this movie is Tarantino ability to make bad to mediocre actors seem like good ones, a smart and hilarious dialog and a good storyline. Of course, this is what he does in pretty much in all of his movies.

    There are various plot holes in the story, but we are really meant to ignore them unlike most movies. Just like the gory scenes, come to grips to the fact that the most of the implausibilities are there just to fill in the gaps of the movie. The movie also features a couple of classic Tarantino showdowns, including an unforgettable one with the Japanese infamous crime lord, O-Ren Ishii (Lucy Lui.) Once again, Tarantino puts his imagination at work again in his story telling by using some of his old techniques like jumping timelines and some new ones like adding Japanese animation for character backgrounds.

    I wouldn't really recommend this film to someone who is really not from the Pulp Fiction era. This film is really just homage to flicks that frequently appear on Sunday Samurai Showcase, revenge and Tarantino's continuous fascination with Uma Thurman. This film contains extreme violence and sometimes strange dialog coupled with some pretty good acting and directing. If you're not a fan of Tarantino's films, you should pass on this one because it is doesn't stray to far from his other stuff. If you like his other works, this is a must see due to its originality and quality. And, if you just don't like Tarantino himself, and find him annoying like everybody else, I don't blame you but it's still worth your while seeing.

  • Cinema has rarely been this exciting!
    by gogoschka-1 on 28 October 2015

    56 out of 65 people found the following review useful:

    Having seen Tarantino's 3 previous films, going into the cinema, my expectations for 'Kill Bill' were already over the roof. However, regardless of my high hopes for quality entertainment, I was not prepared for this film. I was dumbfounded. I was blown away. I had quite simply never seen anything even remotely like it.

    In 'Kill Bill', the revenge plot serves only as a larger story arc, thus allowing Tarantino to play with as many different genres as he likes, and boy - what a mix he dishes out! With complete disregard for the conventions of filmmaking, he paints an expressionistic masterpiece in his own unique style, the likes of which the world has never seen before. Cinema rarely gets this exciting. With 'Kill Bill', Tarantino proved once and for all that all the hype around his persona is justified: he IS the most daring, original - and entertaining! - filmmaker of his generation. Simply amazing: 10 stars out of 10.

    Lesser-Known Masterpieces:

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    All-Time Favorite Films:

  • This movie was brilliant!
    by Rooster99 on 14 March 2005

    195 out of 346 people found the following review useful:

    Man, what a film. As a fan of 70's martial arts movies, it was great to see all of the references. I also thought the use of B&W throughout was extremely effective. The cartoon sequences seemed a bit much, but did fit in with the overall feel of the film. I have seen many people posting about the sheer amount of blood and guts, but you have to remember this was Tarantino's homage to Bruce Lee-era action pictures. In those movies, the stories were very similar epics of revenge, and they never had much of a budget for good "gore" effects. It was more or less "throw some fake blood on the guy who just got killed" type of effects, which were duplicated accurately by some of the deaths in this movie. The plot also followed closely the plot of most 70's Kung Fu movies; something despicable happens to the weak hero (whole village razed, family slaughtered, etc..) and the hero goes away for years to learn the secrets of a particular style of Kung Fu. All of these movies contained the "secret move" which the master normally does not teach, except of course, in this rare instance. That move, as depicted in Kill Bill Vol. 2, is always used on the evil leader of the clan whom had brought death and chaos to the hero.

    Kill Bill was a terrific modern take on those movies which were always set in ancient China. I was very impressed with Uma Thurman's swordplay, at no point did I feel that it looked scripted or fake. Even when fighting against more than 50 Crazy 8's, it replicated admirably the incredibly one-sided fights from some of the best martial arts movies made 30 years ago.

    All in all, a great and original film! R.

  • About as silly as they get
    by ljcjpjlj on 4 June 2004

    14 out of 20 people found the following review useful:

    Kill Bill (the first one) is the silliest movie I've seen in years! It's sillier than Blazing Saddles, sillier than a Monty Python movie. It is very cartoonish. Part of it even is cartoon, (although it's that highly stylized Japanese cartoon). Uma Thurman plays a good role, but I thought she used to be good looking. All the murder, mayhem, incredible martial arts, spurting blood, severed limbs, funny character names, and goofy plot twists will keep you munching your popcorn with great animation. This silly piece of fluff is filled with fantastic violence, totally unbelievable plots and characters. Keeping all that in mind, it is hilarious from beginning to end! I hope the sequel is as cutely charming.

  • You can't have one without the other
    by calvinnme on 8 March 2017

    7 out of 8 people found the following review useful:

    I'm only subtracting one star because either part one or part two taken alone seems incomplete, yet satisfying nonetheless. If they could have been merged into one film it would be the perfect combination of mystery, mythology, and exposition.

    Uma Thurman was nominated for a Golden Globe as "The Bride," a woman who seeks revenge against the group of assassins, of whom she was once a member, who turned her wedding rehearsal into a bloodbath, killing everybody else in the wedding chapel and putting her into a coma for four years and having her awaken to an empty womb - she looked about eight months pregnant when Bill shot her. In volume one, although all five of the people involved in the massacre are on The Bride's hit list, she only kills two of them.The Bride goes after Vivica Fox's now-married housewife and mother, and Lucy Liu's Yakuza boss, which requires a trip to Japan. Tarantino pays homage to Japanese samurai films and Hong Kong martial arts films to make an entertaining story with excellent editing and soundtrack. A perfect start to what's to be expected in Vol. 2., which is where all of the backstories appear.

    If you walk away from both parts one and two wondering if there is any symbolism in there, is what you thought you saw what you really saw, and what on earth does that last scene mean?...consider yourself in good company. And my only spoiler, why didn't Lucy Liu's character want to kill Bill as much as Uma Thurman's did? That is, if what you think you see implied in part one is indeed true.

    This is Tarantino's best as far as I'm concerned. Every time I see either part one or part two on cable I'll stop what I'm doing and watch. Not recommended if you are squeamish though.

  • one of the best films of all time
    by A_Different_Drummer on 28 August 2016

    14 out of 22 people found the following review useful:

    Arguably this should not be a difficult film to review. It is nothing less than brilliant. The story, the direction, the musical score, the casting, the acting, the dialog, the fight choreography, the inset homage to past films ... brilliant.

    Just brilliant.

    What makes this film tricky to review is not the film but ironically the film-maker.

    I do not know the deep background here but I am guessing that QT, at the very height of his creative powers, locked himself in a cabin in the woods for a month and put this opus together. And essentially (in the view of this reviewer) not only created one of the best films of all time but essentially defined his own career by setting a bar so high that even his own future work could not equal it.

    And there you have it. The hard part of the review.

    The film is perfection. But in my view QT has yet to produce anything that comes close either in terms of final product or even in terms of effort expended.

  • it is kill something allright. but it isn't bill
    by idonotexist on 19 December 2003

    23 out of 40 people found the following review useful:

    ******Spoilers*****and a lot of them too****

    Since I am not a brainwashed cult follower of Quentin I was able to actually see the movie before rating it as the best thing ever made.

    The first minutes were incredible, and I was having the time of my life. Opening scene in black and white bloodied Uma, then fade to black, melancholy music, fading out to perfection, suburbia (toys in yard, nice pretty house) then we have a funny as hell chick fight which is made all the better by a little kid that just stays there.. and says nothing. Basically the imagery is great and sets a mood. Then we have a flashback to the wedding, followed by a hospital scene giving some background of what just happened. And it ends.

    The moment you see black mamba telling her big toe to move while the camera repeats this a few times, you have a problem. The first thing you realize in the frames after we finally stop zooming on the toes, is that well, this is nothing more than a Charlie's Angels rip. Concept and idea. Ok there is still time for salvation right? Not really. Because then comes an anime scene that has no purpose at all, and unless you are an anime fan, it will simply suck. Lots of animated blood, still motion drawings and all other things we have seen in countless anime toons on cartoon network come to life. You can safely skip it, not like something valuable will occur. Which is the problem with this whole movie. It has no coherence. You can watch it at any point and not miss a thing. But it gets worse.

    Next on the murder list is the same girl we saw in the anime scene, and she is in Japan. So Black Mamba goes to Japan, and what follows for the other half of the movie is mindless kung fu that is bad, a lot of stupid time wasting moments of Japanese people speaking Japanese wise words, which are translated in annoying captions. Actually that would have been a nice touch, but they literally NEVER end. Japanese. Subtititles. More useless preaching. Wise men advice. Captions. Japanese. Captions. Repeat.

    Although it is basically badly executed kung fu, even it suffers from some pretty obvious faults. Booze drinking schoolgirl uniform wearing underage female guard? Come on. And just to mention the tie wearing, sword swinging guards (samurai?) that just keep on coming. Please its a parody. A pathetic attempt to mix the infamous Japanese gangs of the 80s and 90s with ancient kung fu and traditions. At least that's the best I could make of it.

    I am not going to guess what that movie was trying to be because it clearly had no point. It started great, it fell apart in about 2 minutes. Literally 2 minutes and that is even sadder.

    Save your time, watch the first thirty minutes, then go rent a real kung fu flick to fill in the rest.

  • Over-rated, incoherent and boring
    by james_a_young on 20 October 2003

    13 out of 21 people found the following review useful:


    What a dissappointment, especially after the awesome trailer. I had several problems with this film:

    1) I didn't care about any of the characters. There was no introduction to any of them (apart from the super-violent anime section introducing Lucy Liu), so I did not understand or care about their motivation. Why was any of this happening?

    2) It lacked the dark humour of Tarantino's earlier films, especially in terms of the sparkling character dialogue (e.g. Samuel L Jackson & John Travolta in Pulp Fiction), of which there was none. The dark moments (e.g. the rapist hospital worker) were humour free and quite sickening.

    3) Swapping the timelines around is an old Tarantino trick that worked brilliantly in Pulp Fiction, but added nothing to this movie except you knew the ending about 5 minutes into the film.

    4) I got bored. The final battle lasts forever and becomes dull after the first few people get their limbs removed. The scenes where Uma Thurman convinces Sonny Chiba to make her a sword add nothing but minutes to the movie.

    Why wasn't it edited down and made into a single, complete, BETTER movie? So dissappointed.

  • The problem with Tarantino
    by stefano1488 on 8 November 2003

    150 out of 295 people found the following review useful:


    First of all, let me warn you. I've always detested Tarantino, so I didnt'go see this film free of prejudice.

    That said, I can't think of a worse film I've seen lately, except "The Matrix Reloaded". The reason is that Tarantino shows too much violence, and that he doesn't show anything else. "But that's the point!" some will say. The point of what? Ok, lets' make a film and let's show a rape and say that that's the point. Does that mean that the film is good?

    Tarantino has always been overrated (I disliked "Pulp Fiction" as well). The reason is that he manages to feel unconventional and artsy, so many will feel smart by saying that he's a genius, that his films are masterpieces and all that crap. The plain truth is that he's either a sadistic voyeur or a cunning man who's found a way to make pots of money by exploiting people's naivety. Or both.

    Although I don't like gore or black humour, I sometimes appreciate it (eg some films with Vincent Price). The point is trivial, but worth making: black humour has to be, well, humorous. The problem with Tarantino is that he's nothing. A vacuum.

    Some reviewers have said that if you don't understand what this film is about, you just won't get it; that it's a mockery and so on. The problem is that if one treats himself to shallow, uninspired, unoriginal, uninventive films, who are shot chiefly for the purpose of using some glitzy special effects and for solvin someone's money problems for the rest of his life, you may find such a film creative or inspired, instead of just the trick it is.

    Tarantino is in quotations. He quotes all the time. But a film full of quotations and references is a trick that is worth doing once or twice. After that, it can't hide any more the outright lack of creativity that hides behind the references.

    If you watch a gory b-movie (or any b-movie, for that matter), you may like it, even love it, but you'd never go so far as to claim it's a work of "art". Tarantino is "hip" (for the time being), so it's fashionable to call this lame director a genius.

    But time will tell.

    Remember David Lynch.

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