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Kenny Wells, a modern-day prospector, hustler, and dreamer, is desperate for a lucky break. Left with few options, Wells teams up with an equally luckless geologist to execute a grandiose, last-ditch effort: to find gold deep in the uncharted jungle of Indonesia.

Release Date:December 29, 2016
Genres:Adventure, Drama
Production Co.:Living Films, Hwy61, Black Bear Pictures, Boies / Schiller Film Group
Production Countries:United States of America
Director:Stephen Gaghan, Jennifer Josephson, Navarutt Roongaroon, Jan Rudolph
Casts:, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
Plot Keywords:gold, wall street, rise and fall, indonesia, money, 1990s, inspired by a true story, ugly american
Alternative Titles:
  • El poder de la ambición (Gold) - [AR]
  • 金爆内幕 - [CN]
  • Gold - Gier hat eine neue Farbe - [DE]

Gold Reviews

  • Actually a pretty entertaining movie
    by Just Me on 21 March 2017

    40 out of 49 people found the following review useful:

    I actually thought this was a pretty good movie, despite the relatively low ratings. Both McConaughey and Ramírez played very well, also good to see Stoll in this movie. The story was entertaining, never a dull moment (unlike Moonlight, sorry, but that was really boring and I believed the rave reviews...). Anyway, it was worth seeing it!

  • "Gold" is pure gold
    by exaybachay84 on 8 March 2017

    35 out of 45 people found the following review useful:

    I reviewed only one movie on IMDb so far, but "Gold" is much better than the ratings and other users' reviews suggest, so it's good to balance things out.

    First of all, you have a three-dimensional protagonist you can sympathize with. He's unattractive, unlucky, drinking way too much - like most of us are, ha ha. In fact, Kenny is very human with his flaws and ambitions, and this is fantastically portrayed by Matthew McConaughey (it's not about his fake teeth, weight gain or shaved head, it's about his ability to make you care about the character). The script is tight, smart, bitter-sweet and funny at times, because it's a dark comedy. Well, sort of. And while it may not stay true to reality (the Bre-X scandal), it's preceded with a note "Inspired by true events", not "Based on". After all, it's a movie. And as a movie, it's better than most things you're gonna watch this year. Or last, for that matter.

    Plus, the soundtrack is just great (Iggy Pop, Joy Division, New Order, Pixies), as is its use in particular scenes.

    5/6 in my book, 8/10 according to IMDb standards.

  • McCounaghey never stops
    by neoduric on 4 March 2017

    12 out of 16 people found the following review useful:

    An easy example of how everybody goes mad around gold is this movie that tells a story about massive if can be called fraud but more trick played. Kenny Wells (Matthew McCounaghey) is a successor of company that deals with findings of minerals and making profits outs of it and as time went by they were running deeper and deeper into a hole. After all hopes are lost Kenny decides to take a big risk and travel to Indonesian to meet with Michael Acosta. Michael (Edgar Ramirez) is a geologist that has belief that gold is somewhere in forests in Indonesia so he gets Kenny to turn everything around and help him dig that out. After being sick for many weeks and almost dying and when all hopes seemed lost Edgar bring a happy news. They found gold so now only thing that needs to be done is to find someone to finance that digging and there comes Jeff Jackson (Timothy Simons). He gets so hooked up to idea that there is a massive gold lying somewhere around that he manages to get a lot people in buying stocks of Wells company. Everything was going great but after discovery that it was all set up by Edgar and that he got away with ton of money movie just gets mad. There is everybody being tricked by one guy and story losses it power because of fact that they all forgot to check report and analyse in their greed and belief in him. Including love life of Kenny and his girlfriend Kay in story was something that should not be bigger focus but at times it felt that way. Story seems great and there is some of good dialogue but it lacks in focus on importance of things but feels surreal and silly to even happen. Ending was a huge improvement in story and it probably lift character of Edgar. 2.5/4

  • Entertaining Yet Uninspired.
    by trublu215 on 1 January 2017

    50 out of 92 people found the following review useful:

    Gold is, by far, the oddest film of the Oscar season. It's not good enough to be featured with some other award-based films yet it is far from being a bad film. It's just a very uninspired piece of filmmaking that had an excellent script and a great cast to it, yet no flavor to the filmmaking here. It is a standardized piece that serves as a lackluster love letter to Martin Scorsese and David O. Russell without ever really admitting it. Majority of this film is spent watching McCounaughey's Kenny Wells as he maneuvers through businessmen that want him to be put down, political groups that want to steal his fortune and friends he can barely trust. It sounds like an amazing film and it could have been had Gaghan not directed this film himself. Every frame that passes, it feels like Gaghan was either worried about feeling too much like Scorsese or worried that it wasn't enough like Scorsese. Either way, we know where his influences lie here. Honestly, you're better off watching The Wolf of Wall Street, if you're hoping for something like that.

    Stephen Gaghan is a very talented writer, he's given us very layered stories with very interesting characters but this particular topic feels like it went over his head. It is never engaging enough to sustain lasting power. McConaughey and the rest of the cast do a fine job, nothing outstanding but fine nonetheless. This was probably the most disappointing part of this film. Over the past 5 years, Matthew McConaughey has given us more than enough reason to love his performances. They're layered, they're relate-able and, most of all, they're acted to perfection. This performance, in which he trades in his slim physique for a bloated, overweight and balding man. Right off the bat, this may have been a physically demanding role for McConaughey and he does put his all into his performance but it still doesn't match the caliber of his previous performances. His dedication is clear but it still didn't feel like the great performance we thought he could give in this film which comes back to the issue of Gaghan's direction.

    Overall, Gold is far from a bad movie. There are cool scenes in it that are bound to interest you even if it's for a little bit. But this is a film that comes down to a problem with the director. Gaghan, while being a very talented writer, has a hard time determining his own vision for a film that had many chances to be great but failed to really capitalize on any of its strengths. By the end of the film, you won't feel cheated out of your ticket money but I'm sure you won't feel all that good about it either.

  • Capitalist adventure movie
    by Ruben Mooijman on 9 April 2017

    13 out of 19 people found the following review useful:

    Essentially, 'Gold' is an old fashioned adventure movie. A hostile environment, changing fortunes, shifting alliances, unexpected adversaries, a seemingly betrayed friendship: it's all there. But the setting is out of the ordinary: it's the financial world with millions of dollars pumped into promising mining stocks. But those millions can just as quickly be withdrawn when the prospects change.

    The adventurer in the midst of it all is Kenny Wells, son of a Nevada gold prospector and heir to an almost bankrupt mining company. In an all-or-nothing attempt, he travels to Indonesia for a meeting with a legendary drilling expert. The next step is to find the money required for the drilling. What follows, is a roller-coaster ride of successes and setbacks.

    Matthew McConaughey is amazing as Kenny Wells, a raving maniac with a fearless can-do mentality and a complete lack of respect for Wall Street hotshots or mining moguls. This is one of his best roles ever, and it's worth an Oscar. You can see the doubt in the eyes of everyone he meets: is this a madman who doesn't know what he's up to, or a go-getter who doesn't give up until he reaches his goal? Wells is both, and McConaughey makes his complex character completely believable.

    There are some extra layers in the story underlining this complexity: the relationship with his wife Kay, and the friendship with his business partner Mike Acosta. The latter is responsible for the spectacular ending of the story, with a really nice surprise in the last seconds.

    The whole story is based on the Bre-X scandal, which hit the worldwide headlines in the nineties. Some details are changed, but on the whole the story follows the real events pretty accurate. The scandal was a prime example of excessive capitalist greed, and the film is a nice reminder of it.

  • This film may not be a nugget, but it's worth watching if you don't have to dig too deep
    by Thomas ( on 4 May 2017

    6 out of 7 people found the following review useful:

    "Gold" is an American movie in the English language from 2016 and the most recent directorial effort by Oscar-winning writer Stephan Gaghan. He did not write it this time, but the script is by Emmy nominees Massett and Zinman. It runs for pretty much two hours exactly and Oscar-winning actor Matthew McConaughey is basically in every scene during these 120 minutes. I must say I enjoyed the watch pretty much, even if the formula behind the film is more simple than it may seem. It's basically all about the ups and downs of the protagonist. Up#1 He is having a great job at a prestigious prospector mostly thanks to his dad. Down#1 His dad is dead and he is low on money not finding any investors. Up#2 He reunites with a partner in an attempt to find gold. Down#2 He suffers from malaria and the workers leave. Up#3 The workers return, they find gold and he is healthy again. Down#3 A rich company uses their political connections to "steal" all the gold. Up#4 With the help of a politician's son, he manages to get the gold back and also gains a prestigious award. Down#4 It all proves to be a scam and the protagonist a victim like everybody else, except his partner. Up#5 The fact that there will be no criminal proceedings apparently and the final letter.

    So yeah, it's a roller-coaster of emotions for McConaughey's character here and he gives a pretty strong performance that is deserving of awards attention too, though probably not as much as his Oscar-winning turn because the subject is also not really that significant by today's standards. As for the story, there may have been one or two plot twists too many eventually, but it's okay if you don't really look for extremely great depth or so. Not that there isn't any, but the film is at times just a bit for the sake of it and may take itself a tad too seriously. There are some comedy moments too with everything about the protagonist like the yellow roses scene. But McConaughey plays a really likable character I think and especially his private life when it comes to romance depicts him as somebody worth cheering for. He is dedicated, his name means more to him than money and he is also not scared of hard labor to reach his goals. The wrong decisions he makes perhaps really only result from people next to him that have a negative impact on him like the slutty journalist woman or Stoll's character. It's maybe accurate to describe the central character as a mix of a raccoon and King Midas in this story. I also think the last shot is really interesting as you can still debate if he was in it the whole time or just got lucky with his former partner sending him half of the money. Of course he will not give it back, but at that point, if he wasn't in on it all the time you like the character enough that you won't blame him for it. The film may not make a powerful statement on greed (like TWBB for example) even if it really wants to, but that's fine as it succeeds sufficiently in other areas instead, maybe even some where it did not really try to.

    Anyway, after talking so much about McConaugehy's character, lets also say a few words about Edgar Ramirez ("Carlos"). I quite like him and I think he did a great job with the character. This was pretty tough as his character makes pretty much the biggest waves when he is visually out of the picture, namely in the last 20 minutes, but i think Ramirez holds his own very well next to McConaughey despite not having great material to work with at all. And that means quite something as McConaughey's transformation from weak cheesy romance to one of Hollywood's finest is something that cannot be denied. Also some good supporting players in here like Keach and Nelson and even the annoying one from "Veep" was somewhat bearable here. Eventually, I would not say it is one of the best films of the year, but still worth checking out, especially if you like Matthew McConaughey. It is somewhat true that these days you cannot really go wrong with him. Alright alright alright watch it.

  • The name GOLD is perfect.
    by friff-62487 on 9 March 2017

    10 out of 16 people found the following review useful:

    It has suspense if you are a business person or a risk taker in the financial world. The exotic Indonesian scenery is well worth watching and the suspense of making then losing , then making money again is, as I said, good if you read the financial websites and invest. Otherwise, just enjoy the performance of Matthew as he plays a likable? , smarmy renegade risk taker who should encourage us all to expect more of life than a 9-5 job and benefits. This world is not for the faint hearted as GOLD shows us some risk taking is needed to make our lives count. Matthew left me wanting more of him.

  • A Must See
    by mugi-18651 on 18 January 2017

    29 out of 55 people found the following review useful:

    This is a great movie and incredibly entertaining. Given the director's past films (Traffic, Syriana) there is no question why he was brought on to tell this incredibly complex story - and he did an amazing job. if you are not familiar with the real story you are also in for a real treat. And for all of you men that are feeling a little overweight after too much alcohol over the holiday, leave it to McConaughey to make us feel slim and sober again. But, for me Ramirez and Stoll stole the show... wow! They were both great, you couldn't take your eyes off of Ramirez, and every scene Stoll was in he made you feel like you were there with him. Net, net, don't miss this one...

  • Disappointed at the end find it all a fantasy
    by JasonZ on 7 May 2017

    3 out of 4 people found the following review useful:

    I am severely disappointed recently to find movies proclaiming that they are based upon real events, where upon exiting the cinema you google and find it has been 50% fictionalised by the director and writer.

    Why publish in words to the audience at the beginning of a film, and thus set expectations at the beginning of the film it is a true story, only to find out it is materially fictionalised for dramatic purposes, and only very, very loosely structured on a story about some other guy, with some other name, that occurred actually in some other country?

    The film is about people being duped - *I* feel duped after watching it and presuming it to be a true story - when only later I may discover that it is in fact largely in fact fiction with fictional characters.

  • Finding GOLD in Indonesia.
    by TxMike on 7 May 2017

    1 out of 1 people found the following review useful:

    My wife and I watched this at home on DVD, a Redbox rental.

    Although this story was strongly inspired by real events it is in fact fictional with fictional characters, sort of composites of several real characters. In the 1990s a small Canadian company really did get with a prospector to find GOLD in the wilds of Indonesia.

    In this story Matthew McConaughey is Kenny Wells, more than a bit haphazard in his approach to life and to business. But he is enamoured with GOLD, as he says at one point the money didn't really matter to him, he wanted to mine GOLD, lots of it.

    He looks up a prospector, Edgar Ramírez as Michael Acosta. Kenny is a persuasive salesman and with the help of his friends manages to raise several hundred thousand dollars. They start the prospecting, which involved taking a number of core samples in a region where GOLD is sometimes found by panning in the river.

    I like McConaughey and he is great here as a man who sometimes made seemingly very irrational decisions. Like turning down a $300Million buy-out because his name would no longer be attached to the mining operation. Interesting movie, well worth a watch, and pretty Bryce Dallas Howard is good as Kay, Kenny's girlfriend and wife.

    SPOILERS: The core of the story mirrors what happened in the real world. Assays of core samples continued to show small amounts of GOLD, but enough to estimate 10Million ounces of recoverable gold. That would be $Billions of GOLD. Problem was, Acosta was "seeding" the crushed core samples, using gold shavings from his ring, then some gold he bought from villagers. In fact there was no gold in the ground, it was all a scam. Found out, the Indonesian government had him taken up in a helicopter and dropped out at 1000 feet, his body later found partially eaten by wildlife. When Kenny looked up Kay again, she had some mail for him, one from Acosta included a check for $82Million, drawn on a foreign bank. He had sold much of his stock before the fraud was exposed and as a 50/50 partner sent Kenny his share. Did Kenny get the money? We will never know!

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