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In the near future, Major is the first of her kind: a human saved from a terrible crash, who is cyber-enhanced to be a perfect soldier devoted to stopping the world's most dangerous criminals.

Title:Ghost in the Shell
Release Date:March 29, 2017
Genres:Action, Drama, Science Fiction
Production Co.:Paramount Pictures, DreamWorks SKG, Shanghai Film Group, Reliance Entertainment, Arad Productions, Grosvenor Park Productions, Steven Paul Production, Huahua Media, Seaside Entertainment
Production Countries:New Zealand, United States of America, United Kingdom, India, China, Canada
Director:Rupert Sanders, Amy Barclay
Casts:, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
Plot Keywords:philosophy, cyborg, hacker, strong woman, investigation, suspense, female protagonist, cyberpunk, terrorism, evolution, dystopic future, network, based on anime, inner journey, prosthesis
Alternative Titles:
  • O Fantasma do Futuro - [BR]
  • Призрак в доспехах - [RU]
  • Mochveneba Abjarshi - [GE]
  • Дух в броня - [BG]
  • Vigilante do Amanhã: Ghost in the Shell - [BR]
  • Páncélba zárt szellem - [HU]
  • Ghost in the Shell: El alma de la máquina - [ES]
  • ゴースト・イン・ザ・シェル - [JP]
  • Ghost In The Shell le film - [CA]

Ghost in the Shell Reviews

  • Under-appreciated by the hypercritical.
    by Michael Gatewood on 31 March 2017

    625 out of 880 people found the following review useful:

    We live in a society that assumes being overcritical means showing a display of intelligence. Don't let this film be tarnished by that fad.

    I will do my best to make this short and sweet. (Probably not)

    READ: (For those who HAVEN'T seen the original films)

    This film is a fantastic example of a film that is complex yet simple. I expected the worst from the film and I received more. I won't lie to you and tell you this film is on par with something like The Matrix (the original was) but it is well worth seeing and stands out as unique. We all know that's nearly impossible to do these days. Please take this into consideration and go to see the film with no expectations. You'll be surprised that way.

    READ: (For those who HAVE seen the original films)

    I'm sorry this film wasn't everything we dreamed it would be, but can we honestly act surprised when Hollywood screenwriters avoid immensely complex story arches? They have simplified this story for the masses in the same way The Lord of the Rings was simplified for the masses. If you spend your time comparing this film with the originals you will come up short, every time. This is NOT the original film, this is its own film that you need to appreciate as it stands (I know that is difficult, believe me). If you haven't already seen it, please take my word for it and go in with no expectations, go in cold (like it is a new experience).

    (Final Comments)

    I take user reviews to heart for movies. I appreciate the opinions of the people more than I appreciate the opinions of the paid critics. Seeing a 6.9 as the current user score (as of March 31st) is unfortunate, because this film captures EVERYTHING that Ghost in the Shell was and thanks to this film IS CURRENTLY. As a film it stands strong in the Sci-Fi genre and does manage to still be thought-provoking. Please consider taking your time before giving it a low rating.

    Understand that the talents that put this film together adopted this baby from its original developers and they did NOT destroy it, as some over-exaggerators may proclaim. "The Last Airbender" - THAT is an example of something being destroyed. GHOST IN THE SHELL stands still intact. Of course it isn't as fleshed out and philosophical as the original film (which paid an immaculate amount of attention to detail and information) but it DOES live in the same world and it DOES tell the same story. I promise you that if it HAD stayed completely with the script of the animated film, it would be getting attacked for being an unnecessary remake or overly complicated.

    I've given this an 8 out of 10 because I see 6 as mediocre and 10 as a perfect film. 8 is somewhere in between. I do not believe this is the best adaption or sci-fi film I've seen, but it was enjoyable and much pain-staking work was put into it... that shows when you watch it. Don't be entirely emotional about the way you view this movie. Watch it for what it is, not what it is in comparison.

    Thank you for reading, I appreciate it. Take the time to see this movie and take your time before rating it. Really chew on it first, because it deserves better than it is receiving.

  • Ghost in the shell for dummies
    by dmanchon on 26 March 2017

    476 out of 765 people found the following review useful:

    Maybe I had my hopes too high for this one. Like many other fans of the original material, this adaptation has intrigued me since the first trailers were available online, because it really looked nice visually, but, Is this movie worth to be part of the GitS universe?

    - Short answer: Not really. Not even nice try.

    - Long answer: The cinematography its truly remarkable, it somehow reproduce the atmosphere of the original anime, the decaying, depressing, dark megalopolis is correctly reproduced here (despite the giant weird advertisements that are spread around, that doesn't really make any sense, and didn't appear in the anime, what are they trying to sell?), the costumes, robots, and the general look and feel of the characters are quite satisfying and solid. The music is not bad at all, includes some of the original score and it work towards creating a dense and dark environment. The acting is standard, not bad at all. The script is.... ohhh boy, let me breath... to use nice words, the script seems to be written addressed to children or to very 'slow' people. All the rich complexity, all the mature and philosophical themes, all the sides of the story that the original material let out to be imagined by the viewer, all that is gone here. Here you can find a bland, generic script, that explain a generic origin story, that never tries to get into the philosophical or ethical implications of human body enhancements or AI. Where the characters are one-sided, good vs bad people. We are use to that over-simplification of a movie plot, since we sadly live in a world conquered by the 'marvel'/'batman' method of making a movie, where the plot should be simple and thin, the characters shouldn't have any grays and the action should be convoluted and confusing, full of minions to destroy for the sake of fill 100 minutes (well at least this adaptation has correct action scenes, that are easy to follow and most of the time are not annoying). To wrap up, a correct movie, that shines in the visual and action sides, but has a forgettable script and characters. It will probably perform good in the box office, and that worries me because what could come next, it will be really sad to see how they reduce Akira, Jin-roh, Evangelion or Cowboy bebbop to a generic action blockbuster without any of the things that made those stories great.

  • If you're a fan, go and see it. If you're not, go and see it.
    by hjbaku on 29 March 2017

    392 out of 694 people found the following review useful:

    I have just seen the movie at an advanced screening. I'm writing here because, somehow, there are already 34 baseless reviews from people who haven't seen the film. I registered immediately to rectify that situation.

    I was truly concerned that this movie wouldn't satisfy me as a fan. Even though the accusations of whitewashing were baseless to begin with, I was concerned that they may have westernized or washed out some of the GITS flavour that I know and love.

    To me, this film was fantastic. I went in expecting to be disappointed and I came out grinning ear to ear. I laughed as I watched Aramaki be a down right bad ass. The relationship between Major and Batou was freakin' spot on. There's a lot of philosophy to represent, and that's not easy to do in a movie designed to capture and keep attention, but they did it. The fan service was brilliant and I loved it. It was visually stunning. The soundtrack was wonderful. Scarjo was an excellent study of the Major. It was not tacky or cliché at all.

    Please, do not listen to the inevitable vapid borderline insulting "critiques" that you'll no doubt uncover by the various news media who were targeted with pumping out a review for a movie they genuinely don't give two shits about. This movie won't be for everyone. It's scifi. It's intellectual. It's not everyone's cup of tea.

    But it's good. It's a classic. And I, for one, am genuinely gratified and impressed. Good work.

  • Underrated by haters and super critics
    by Juli5139 on 3 April 2017

    201 out of 336 people found the following review useful:

    When it comes to getting high IMDb ratings this movie was already destined to fail just because it is an anime adaptation of a highly beloved nineties classic. On top of that the cast and yet another Hollywood whitewashing sh*tstorm.

    Is this a perfect film? No. Some story elements were simplified to appeal to a broader audience and I would have done some scenes and dialogues differently. But overall it is a solid movie in the Sci-Fi genre. The atmosphere, effects, music and aesthetics are stunningly beautiful! You can still feel the heart and soul of Ghost in the Shell. The story is there - slightly changed but still thought provoking. There are many scenes where you can really see the amount of work that was put into making this movie - tiny details in the background, the aura of Hong Kong and other locations where this film was shot and just the overall look and feel.

    If this wasn't an adaptation but an original film I'm pretty sure the ratings would look completely different and the critics would be positive only. Don't let negative ratings of super critical anime lovers stop you from seeing this movie! Especially if you have never seen the original Ghost in the Shell - now is the time.

  • A great western take on a Japanese classic
    by Martin V on 31 March 2017

    254 out of 442 people found the following review useful:

    I've watched both GITS films, Stand Alone Complex series and read the manga. As expected, things didn't reach so far into a philosophical sphere and at times spelling out the "dilemmas of existence for dummies" took a little from the atmosphere of the film.

    But, as far as bad things go, that's about it. CGI were mostly spot- on, only one or two scenes pulled me out of immersion. As a big plus, the film took some time to actually present the world itself without jumping to action. Side characters were great, I enjoyed Aramaki and Batou the most, Togusa, Saito and Ishikawa didn't have much screen time, but still delivered.

    Now, Johansson as the Major, I know a lot of fuss was there about whitewashing, I don't care about SJW thing, what matters to me if an actor/ess can act the role and IMO she was a great choice. In most scenes she behaved exactly like her character should, it didn't feel forced or overacted to me.

    And for the plot itself, I'm not saying it was fresh or never seen before thing, but it was a nice take and it brought something to the franchise. IDK if it makes official canon, but in my head it already is.

    I hope this review helps you, it is my first and I've done it because I feel that 6.9 stars is a lot less than this effort deserves.

  • Shallow as a reflection
    by OzzzzSSzzzzO on 31 March 2017

    199 out of 339 people found the following review useful:

    Everything felt very forced. The movie lacks a story. To me it feels like the cherry picked the awesome scenes of the movie/series and made a movie out of it.

    Unfortunately, they butchered everything and missed the entire point of the Ghost in the Shell series and turned it into a lame action movie with zero substance. What happened to all the thought provoking ideas from the movie/series? I can't wait till someone does a comparison of the original scenes vs these remade ones, what a joke.


  • They lost the substance in all the CGI effects
    by kazarnowicz on 28 March 2017

    126 out of 196 people found the following review useful:

    When you read this review, keep in mind that I had expected Ghost in the Shell to be a solid 10/10, and that it could quite possibly be one of the best movies of this decade. Instead, it's … tepid. I didn't hate it, but it was a bit like a nice, but not great roller-coaster: nice entertainment for the moment, but nothing you write home about.

    It has lots of great CGI effects, but the characters are seriously lacking. It's like they didn't want to give the characters any texture or depth because that could detract the viewer from the special effects. I think this is more a question of direction and editing rather than acting.

    Typically, I feel I can re-watch a good sci-fi movie a couple times. Whether it's more action like Minority Report or more drama like Interstellar, the rewatchability factor to me is more a question about the feeling I get from watching the movie. Sadly, the rewatchability factor for this movie is basically 0 on my part. In the end, it's like watching a very long movie sequence in a video game - but in a video game, the film sequences are just a small part of the whole experience. And that's how this movie feels in the end: like it is lacking a big part of the experience.

  • McDonald's version of Sushi
    by krogchoi-69376 on 29 March 2017

    278 out of 515 people found the following review useful:

    If I had to do an analogy, I'd say this movie is to the original whatwould happen if Mc Donalds tried to make sushi.

    Story wise, the movie is both a dumbed down version and has major plot changes (it's about the same magnitude of difference as between the book "I am legend" and the ending of the movie that shares the same name. If you know what I mean, and are a fan of GITS, I just crushed your hopes hard).

    Also visually, when I thought about GITS (1995 version, which I loved), I picture something aesthetically pleasing and beautiful. For the live action movie, aside from the restaurant scene, which looked great, I didn't like the visuals much, felt kinda cheap (esp. the city). You can tell the director tried a bit, but all in all, it's lacking a soul. On a side note : The guy playing Batou was a good cast for the role , he got the job done.

    PS : And what was this BS with Kitano's dialogues ?!? Either have his dialogues in full Japanese, or in full English, but what they did here screams "Takeshi did not want to speak English, and the cast didn't want to learn 3 words of Japanese", it just felt plain awkward.

  • Quick Non Spoiler Review from a GITS fan...
    by Jay_Nadiah on 30 March 2017

    139 out of 240 people found the following review useful:

    As a massive fan of the original films as well as stand alone complex..  this film disappointed me..  it tried to be clever but just constantly comes off as too simple and too self explanatory..  the changes made make it into a pretty simple and generic story..  it wasn't a bad film nor was it as terrible as some other adaptations are.. but it certainly was disappointing for a GITS fan..  its a 6 at best... maybe a 6.5 for the visuals.. which were the best thing about this movie.

  • Just the shell...
    by Alondro on 31 March 2017

    147 out of 259 people found the following review useful:

    It gets a 3 only for SOME of the visual effects... as others have noted, some scenes don't work and appear more unreal than the old 2D animated film.

    As for the most important part: the story... where did it go? The writers of this screenplay had the greatest advantage possible: A PERFECT, ACCLAIMED ORIGINAL. It was a story which addressed very complex subjects of mind versus machine: at what point does a mind become a computer, at what point does a program become a mind? And is there truly a difference at all once something becomes aware of itself.

    That's not present here. It's a stolen identity/conspiracy plot you've seen over and over, and done better. Apparently they threw the whole original story out and inserted this hackneyed plot which felt like an awkward mix of "Blade Runner" and "Total Recall" themes, with all the heart and soul torn out and left hollow.

    There is no ghost in this shell. It's just a thin, flashy facade over a contrived, tired jumble of plot points... perhaps an unintentional irony to the CGI facade over the crumbling buildings in the movie.

    On the themes of Hollow-wood cashing in on lazy nostalgia grabs (Power Rangers last week as another example), this leads me to suspect the heavy tone and themes of "Blade Runner" too will be deconstructed and dismembered in the remake, until only another empty shell remains.

    At least in this case, for certain, the advances in computer science have lessened the humanity in the film.

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