Doctor Who: The Day of the Doctor

Doctor Who: The Day of the Doctor
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In 2013, something terrible is awakening in London's National Gallery; in 1562, a murderous plot is afoot in Elizabethan England; and somewhere in space an ancient battle reaches its devastating conclusion. All of reality is at stake as the Doctor's own dangerous past comes back to haunt him.

Title:Doctor Who: The Day of the Doctor
Release Date:November 23, 2013
Genres:Science Fiction, Adventure
Director:Nick Hurran
Casts:, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
Plot Keywords:time travel, alien
Alternative Titles:
  • Doctor Who: El día del Doctor - [ES]
  • Доктор Кто: День Доктора - [RU]

Doctor Who: The Day of the Doctor Reviews

  • The Ultimate fiftieth celebration.
    by jgarbett-510-54203 on 23 November 2013

    89 out of 102 people found the following review useful:

    I have just finished watching the doctor's fiftieth anniversary celebration 'The Day of the Doctor' and it is a wonderful tribute to the longest running sci-fi series in history.

    The fiftieth anniversary is full of 'spoilers', see what I did there. So on the off chance you haven't see it yet, it is the team-up of the two most famous doctors since the reboot in 2005 and has them revisiting the 'moment that defined him' .

    The TV show lasts one hour and fifteen minutes, a perfect length and is full of twists and turns and brilliant fan service and dialogue. It is a tribute to all the doctors from past, present and future and combines humour, emotion and brilliance in a fabulous concoction.

    'The day of the doctor' is a television event that won't easily be forgotten and is the ultimate way to celebrate 50 years.

  • Steven Moffat's Best Yet?
    by Br007 on 23 November 2013

    85 out of 102 people found the following review useful:

    Steven Moffat has been a mixed bag at times. His scripts for "A Christmas Carol" and "The Girl In The Fireplace" are two of the better episodes in recent years. Sentimentality suits him. But when he goes to great lengths to explain the mythology of Doctor Who and begins creating new connections to the past, he can also be quite wordy. The entire last season has been victimized by this and most of the episodes were less than satisfying. We just want an adventure, not a treatise on Who history or an impossibly tangled web of River Song and a dozen other characters.

    But this time, he pulled it off. While this past season, topped by "The Name of the Doctor," seemed to be painting him into a plot heavy corner, "The Day of the Doctor" unwinds the whole mess nicely and adds just the right amount of clever twists and, most importantly, delights us with its sense of humor. Suddenly, it all makes sense.

    To add to the fun, this is one of those times when more doctors actually ratchets up the good time. Plus there's at least one wonderful surprise cameo to top it all off. A good time for all. Highly recommended and makes watching the previous season well worth it. This may be Moffat's best script yet.

  • Doctor Who Considered as an exhibit for Sydney's "In Defense of Poesie"
    by boblipton on 23 November 2013

    66 out of 81 people found the following review useful:

    In my reviews of various episodes of Doctor Who I try to take a balanced view, to place each particular episode in the context of the series and to highlight some particular aspect of the production. So, when I first thought about this review, I thought that it would include references to other anniversary shows, the Anniversary Season, the one-shot DIMENSIONS IN TIME, which was so something-for-everyone that it wound up having to be written out of continuity.

    Then I saw this episode and the constant assault of jokes and catchphrases, of old, ridiculous scarves and space-time telegraphs, of cameo appearances by Significant Players, of Daleks and Zygons and members of the Lethbridge-Stewart family, as well as the pleasure of watching Matt Smith and David Tennant wrangle under the grumpy eye of John Hurt -- which recalls William Hartnell grumbling at successors Patrick Troughton and Jon Pertwee for a clown and a fop -- well, my critical faculties just went into overload and broke down. I was just another geeky fanboy having a great time and I don't care who knows it.

    And now that I think about it: what's wrong with that assessment? The answer is: nothing. This is what escapist fantasy like Doctor Who is supposed to do: lift us out of ourselves, give us and hour or so free from the weight of the world. That is what this episode does and does brilliantly. If there is a serious message hidden in there -- and I believe there is -- then that is well and good. As W.S. Gilbert had one of the characters in his comic operettas with Arthur Sullivan say, "He who'd make his fellow creature wise must always gild the philosophic pill." But even if you don't see it, the Fiftieth Anniversary Special is great escapist fun.

    Now, if you will excuse me, I am going to watch it again.

  • SPOILER FREE REVIEW - An amazing journey with the Doctor!
    by sammibushman on 23 November 2013

    58 out of 71 people found the following review useful:

    Going into this 50th anniversary episodes, I expected three things: multiple doctors, the return of beloved references and characters for the fans, and a whole ton of fun. "The Day of the Doctor" delivered that and so much more.

    From the absolutely brilliant banter, to the amazing special effects, everything was perfect. And the best part is, they didn't let those things eclipse the true heart of the story- the Doctor himself, and who he perceives himself to be.

    This is an amazing episode that will be cherished, revered, and most of all, REMEMBERED, in the many years to come. Happy 50th, Doctor Who. It has been well worth the wait. 10/10

  • Confusion 'No more'
    by pirateatbay on 23 November 2013

    43 out of 51 people found the following review useful:

    Just finished watching the day of the doctor, and my God!!! I've waited a LONG time to feel what I am felling right now. By far, this episode was the best one yet in the Doctor Who series.

    Before I saw the episode, I was both excited and worried at the same time because I did not want to be disappointed after waiting for so long to see it after watching the teaser trailer. But Setven Moffat pulled it off, and in a way you can never imagine. He takes us for a ride into the realms of Gallifrey with such detail and yet with the hint of humor.

    I can swear that there were more than one instance where I had tears of joy in my eyes. This is by far the only episode/show/movie where I have given a solid 10 on 10 on IMDb till date.

    If you haven't seen it yet, mark my words, "you are in for a treat".

  • Superb
    by Neil Welch on 23 November 2013

    23 out of 31 people found the following review useful:

    Matt Smith's Doctor Who joins forces with David Tennant's in order to take some sort of action over the War Doctor (John Hurt)'s destruction of Gallifrey.

    This feature length special, made to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the long-running BBC serial was shown in cinemas in 3D simultaneously with its telecast, and I must say that I am really glad that I saw it in a cinema packed with Doctor Who enthusiasts. The audience laughed at all the humour (this was a very funny film) and were absolutely silent throughout the considerable drama. They also reacted strongly to every little touch which was crafted into the film for fans who have followed since the very first episode.

    The film worked well as a standalone movie, better as an episode which both resolved past questions and seeded future ones, and best of all as a celebration of this series since its inception.

    It is delightful to see from this episode (together with the recent mini-episode) Paul McGann's Doctor welcomed fully and comprehensively into BBC TV continuity. It was good that not every cat was let out of the bag. And the effects and 3D were worthy of a cinema release.

    Highly recommended.

  • Wow ... I Mean WOW.
    by Loren-3 on 23 November 2013

    22 out of 32 people found the following review useful:

    Right off the top, I'm no great-shakes Whovian, so let's get that out of the way right now. Cut my teeth on Tom Baker back in the 70s and thought he was great fun. More recently, I came to know the Doctor when he met Amy Pond ... who had this rather ominous crack in the wall of her bedroom. It was in large portion her character and energy that moved me to revisit this old friend and at least duck in now and again to see where things were going.

    And then I heard that the Doctor was celebrating 50 years and noting that everyone from James T. Kirk to Malcolm Reynolds was offering their best wishes, and I figured, "Gad, I can't miss this." And I didn't.

    I just finished watching ... and about all I can say is wow. Mr. Moffat, you've written some corkers in your day, but this one ... this one is something very special. Yeah, it was neat to see Tennant and Smith together, and Mr. Hurt brought his own palate to the show. But it was the twists of the plot, the thoughtfulness and inventiveness which is Steven's hallmark which carried the day here. There is also the matter of a ... curator ... who showed up toward the end. Yeah, that did put a smile on my face, a big one.

    To Matt, David, Steven, Billie, John ... all of you ... many, many thanks.

  • So, now we know.
    by Carycomic on 23 November 2013

    20 out of 30 people found the following review useful:

    We know, for example, why elderly Elizabeth I was so hostile to the Doctor during his and Martha Jones' team-up with Shakespeare. It's because he ran out on his wife!

    We know that the 4th Doctor becomes the owner of an art gallery.

    We also know that John Hurt's performance was undeniably both poignant and bravura. That he was really the 9th Doctor, instead of a potential 12th (as I initially thought); or even an aged 8th, like I second-thought. We even know that this ret-cons Chris Eccleston into the 10th Doctor; Dave Tennant, into the 11th; and Matt Smith, into the 12th.

    What we don't know, however, is whether or not the 13th Doctor will still become the Valyard (traitor and would-be prosecutor of the 6th Doctor).

    Only Time, of course, will tell. In any event...

    Happy Golden Anniversary, Doctor!!!

    And, a perfect ten, to boot (as if you didn't know).

  • A cracking special worthy of the 50th anniversary
    by Tweekums on 24 November 2013

    14 out of 22 people found the following review useful:

    As this fiftieth anniversary special opened it looked as if it might be excessively comic; in the first few minutes we see The Doctor dangling from the Tardis as it is carried over London by a helicopter! Things soon get more serious though when he and Clara are taken to the National Gallery to see a picture that accompanies a message to The Doctor from Queen Elizabeth the First. This is no ordinary picture though; it is a 3D picture of the last day of Gallifrey. We then see what happened on that day as Daleks attack and The Doctor, played by John Hurt, leaves the message 'No More' blasted into a wall and steals the ultimate weapon that could eliminate both the Daleks and Gallifrey! As he contemplates setting off the device a woman appears; she calls herself 'Bad Wolf' and is in fact a physical representation of the weapon. While they are talking a time vortex opens and a fez emerges!

    In what follows we see David Tennent's Doctor wooing Queen Elizabeth before they are attacked by shape-shifting Zygons. Soon this Doctor is joined by Matt Smith's Doctor and not long after that they are joined by John Hurt! The three of them are captured by the Zygons in Elizabethan England while in the present Clara is having her own problems with Zygons. Using methods I won't spoil she manages to join The Doctors and they get back to the present just as London is about to be destroyed in a way that mirrors the way he sacrificed Gallifrey… is will destroy it depending which of the Doctors we are talking about.

    Having done my best to avoid spoilers I still feared the makers would try to cram too many references to the "Fifty Years of Doctor Who" into this special's hour and a quarter run time; thankfully they didn't. There were some of course but these didn't seem too forced and some were a real delight… Tom Baker's cameo was a real treat for those of us who watched in the seventies! The story managed to be exciting, poignant and occasionally funny as well as containing some good scary moments that were good without being too frightening for younger viewers. I wasn't surprised to read that is was shown in cinemas as well as on television as I thought it had a cinematic feel even though I was only watching it on the BBC iPlayer! The acting was great; I particularly liked John Hurt's version of The Doctor; he brought real gravitas to the role. On the strength of this I'm really looking forward to further instalments; I just hope they can keep up this high standard.

  • Best Midlife Crisis!
    by Steven Sadler on 14 September 2014

    4 out of 4 people found the following review useful:

    First off, yes this does contain spoilers! Second of all...let me just geek out for a little bit! WOW! The way this episode starts pulls you in just by the simple vintage Doctor Who intro. From there we are shown The Doctor and Clara in the TARDIS being swooped up and then being face to face with that "painting" shortly after with the glass broken on the outside. Then we are shown The War Doctor and his decision to destroy the Daleks and the Time Lords...coming face to face with the interface of "Rose Tyler" which was a nice surprise. Jon Hurt plays the War Doctor perfectly...they couldn't have picked a better person to play him. Finally, to my favorite Doctor, David Tennant whom obviously rides out of his TARDIS on horseback yelling "ALLONS-Y!"

    The moment that Matt Smith and David Tennant meet up it's pure gold. When they compare their sonic screwdrivers I couldn't help but chuckle. They were like two brothers as they figured out who they were. Always finishing each other's sentences or giving each other a hard time. Then Jon Hurt shows up thinking they're his companions and realizing they're his future selves saying "Am I having a mid life crisis?!"

    From here they get captured and are put together in a cell and all come to terms of what happened. Tempers flair but they get it out of their systems and work together to get out. Throughout this, however, War Doctor is still deciding whether to push that button still to destroy the Time lords and the daleks.

    Obviously they end up saving the earth but War Doctor still has that button to press and that huge decision to make. He departs but is followed by Tennant and Smith who vow to help him push the button together. Clara objects saying that there has to be another way. And at the same time they all get the same idea. This is where pure awesomeness takes place.

    To save Gallifrey all the time lords freeze it in it's own pocket of time. But in order to do that...all the doctors have to meet up at the exact same time...all 13! All TARDIS' swoop in and freeze Gallifrey in it's own pocket universe or whatever (Time Lord Technology stuff). The Doctors meet up in front of the painting again and say their goodbyes...and the War Doctor admits he's happy to become them in the future. David Tennant leaves on his line "I don't wanna go." With Smith replying "he always says that." Clara heads to the TARDIS and Smith stays back to examine the painting and is interrupted by the caretaker of the place who is non other than Tom Baker. He gives him information about the painting and the true translation that "Gallifrey Stands." Just the cherry on top having Tom Baker in at the last minute like that.

    What an amazing film. Yes, let's just call it what it is. A film. It was funny at the right times and completely serious as well. The chemistry between the 3 doctors was amazing. I still watch this episode here and there just for the banter!

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