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Once in a life time, There comes a moment that you live in HOPE
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Mr. Kim is jobless, lost in debt and has been dumped by his girlfriend. He decides to end it all by jumping into the Han River - only to find himself washed up on a small, mid-river island. He soon abandons thoughts of suicide or rescue and begins a new life as a castaway. His antics catch the attention of a young woman whose apartment overlooks the river. Her discovery changes both their lives.

Title:Castaway on the Moon
Original Title:김씨 표류기
Release Date:May 14, 2009
Genres:Drama, Comedy, Romance
Production Co.:Cinema Service
Production Countries:South Korea
Director:Lee Hae-Jun
Casts:, , , ,
Plot Keywords:suicide attempt, isolation, loneliness, castaway
Alternative Titles:
  • 김씨 표류기 - [KR]
  • Kimssi pyoryugi - [KR]
  • Náufrago en la luna - [ES]

Castaway on the Moon Reviews

  • I was literally lost for words.
    by nikkocaplin-927-392530 on 28 April 2011

    94 out of 112 people found the following review useful:

    For almost 2 weeks ago I was told that there was a new movie being showed at out local cinema. I said "cool". Then I was told the reviewers didn't actually know what to say about the movie and just told everyone to go see it for yourselves. Then I said " we should give this movie a try".

    We bought tickets, sat down in the smallest cinema room I had ever been in with 5 other people. I asked what the title of this movie was and I was told it was Castaway On The Moon. I thought it would be a rip-off of the movie Castaway but would involve space.

    The movie started. I immediately started giving myself predictions of what would happen next. And very early in the beginning I was convinced it was going to rip-off the movie Castaway even thought the beginning of this movie had nothing to do with the Tom Hanks movie.

    After very few minutes I stopped thinking. I stopped thinking about everything. My mind was literally not awake. The only part of my body that was there was my eyes and ears, and now I will forever take care them. Because without my eyes and ears I would never ever had been able to witness this piece of unexplainable incredible art!

    This film is art. It is one of the best examples of moving art. Moving as a picture that moves, and as in an emotion not possible to really explain.

    Even though it's not so to say an English speaking movie, it is still meant for the western audience. In fact it's meant for the western, northern, southern, and eastern audience.

    I didn't for a moment think about the composition, the lighting, the color work or any of that stuff. Not even the acting. Everything was just.. well I can't put another name on it that perfect!

    This movie has so many messages and shows them all in such a brilliant way! I could only name a couple but I know there are so many more..... I just don't know how to put words on them. Even showing is something I do not know how to do. It's just something you have to see, think about and understand.

    I can't tell you how good this is or how bad it is, because it's neither. It's not good, it's not bad, it's something else that stretches above the words knows as good, great, brilliant and incredible. I don't know whatever word that would be and I don't even think there is a word for it or can ever be a word for it! It's just something you feel. And that is what this movie is! It is a feeling! Not a word, not a story! It is a feeling! Everything this movie, film, a piece of art, you can call it whatever you want but that's what this is!

    I know this is a lot of praise for a movie and many will probably question what I have said about this movie but I'm telling you, this is a movie you have to see for yourself!

    When the movie ended I sat in my chair just watching and listening to the credits, waiting for my brain to catch up with everything my eyes and ears had just experienced. As the last person left I left the theater.

    On my way back I was walking with those who watched the movie with me and I could not come up with a single word to say. And neither could my company. We were all just walking without a word and didn't manage to say anything until we got home. During that 10 minute walk, it felt like we were all just trying to come up with something to say about the movie but no one could do it! When we started talking again we didn't mention the movie. We didn't mention it because we didn't know what to say about it.

    When I try to explain this movie, I literally say "It's a movie". I say nothing negative about it and nothing positive either cause no matter how many words I use, I could never ever be able to explain it!

    This movie isn't a movie. It's not a film. It's honestly a feeling. Which is why I can't explain this amazing experience with words or even show it. It must be felt. It must be experienced.

  • The Koreans saw "Castaway", then proceeded to use the "stranded island" premise to make a surprisingly different film that's 10 times better.
    by ebossert on 10 September 2010

    92 out of 112 people found the following review useful:

    Note: Check me out as the "Asian Movie Enthusiast" on YouTube, where I review tons of Asian movies.

    I would assume that the director of this film saw that Tom Hanks flick and said to himself, "Hmmm, this is a good idea. I think I'll take the same general premise and transform it into a unique romantic comedy that blows away genre conventions." He then proceeded to do exactly that.

    Some reviewers will claim that "Castaway on the Moon" (aka "Moon") is a rip-off of the American flick "Castaway", but what exactly are the similarities between these movies? Let me tell you. (1) There's a guy who gets stranded on an island, but that barely counts as a "similarity" because in "Moon" the island is positioned *within the city limits.* A man in massive debt attempts suicide by jumping off of a bridge, but he survives and is washed ashore an uninhabited, tiny island on the Han river. Even though he clearly sees the nearby metropolis, he can't swim across the river to civilization so he just stays on the island for a while. How is this in any way similar to Tom Hanks being stranded *in the middle of the ocean*? Answer: it isn't the least bit similar. (2) There are various day-to-day events that are similar (e.g., starting fires, growing a beard, entertaining oneself in simplistic ways, etc.), but anyone stranded on an island would do these things and people have been doing them for the better part of humanity's existence. These were not invented by a Tom Hanks movie. (3) There's an emotional bond with a few inanimate objects. Yes, this is one element of "Moon" that could be considered a rip-off of "Castaway." But that's quite literally the *only* piece of evidence one could muster. Hardly a compelling case. Heck, it's so thin that it probably qualifies as more of a homage than anything else.

    So what exactly makes "Moon" so *different* from "Castaway?" Well, for starters "Moon" is a friggin' *romantic comedy!* This is evident at about the 30 minute mark when a hikikomori is introduced. For those who are unfamiliar with hikikomori, it's a severe psychological condition whereby introverts isolate themselves within a confined area and refuse to interact with other people. What the heck does this additional character have to do with some dude stranded on an island? My dear friends, that's the reason why this film is so fantastic, why it demolishes romantic comedy genre conventions, and why assertions of "ripping off" Tom Hanks movies are short-sighted and ridiculous.

    If one really wants to milk the comparisons between these films, "Moon" exposes the romantic elements of "Castaway" as run-of-the-mill and dull. Just imagine a Joon-ho Bong film mixed with Chan-wook Park's "I'm A Cyborg, But That's Okay" (2006) and you might get a feel for just how quirky and engaging "Moon" turned out to be. These characters are carefully crafted by first establishing a certain psychological flaw, then allowing the characters to slowly face those flaws through the introduction of the stranded island theme. But how do these characters bond if they're isolated from each other? Watch the movie and see.

    Oh, and the previous reviewer might like to know that it was Hollywood who remade "A Tale of Two Sisters " (2003), "My Sassy Girl" (2001), "Il Mare" (2000), "Into the Mirror" (2003), etc. – all Korean movies. And they're planning on remaking more because it's Hollywood that has run out of ideas. If you think Korean films have no originality, you might want to check out "Welcome to Dongmakgol" (2005), "Save the Green Planet" (2003), "Crush and Blush" (2008), "Dasepo Naughty Girls" (2006), "Forbidden Quest" (2006), "Rules of Dating" (2005), "If You Were Me" (2003), "Iri" (2008), "Oasis" (2002), a Chan-wook Park film, a Joon-ho Bong, a Kim Ki-duk film, or about 50 other films that I don't feel like listing out.

    You know what, I'll suggest that everyone watch "Moon" and "Castaway" in the same evening for proper comparison. It's obvious that the former has stronger, more interesting, more *creative* characters. A lot more time and effort was put into the script, and it shows.

  • a delightful surprise
    by krzysiektom on 19 May 2010

    68 out of 80 people found the following review useful:

    I was really stunned by this film. Expected something good - I have high opinion of South Corean cinema (Oldboy!!), but this exceeded all my expectations. To cut a long story short: it excels in every aspect of film-making - directing, script, music, photography and acting. The main male character is very good, but the female is a revelation. This little film blows Hanks' "Cast away" out of the water completely, by originality, depth, intelligence, wit, emotionality. And for a film apparently quite sad it contains an amazing amount of humor. It reminded me a little of "Chungking Express", another Asian favorite of mine, as that one is also about social outcasts, weirdos, loneliness and... food. Funny thing, I do not know the English title of this Corean gem. It is highly recommended.

  • Very well done movie, fully recommend.
    by victor-ragusila on 14 September 2009

    53 out of 60 people found the following review useful:

    This movie could be classified as a "romantic comedy", if that term wouldn't be associated with so many cheap, artificial and silly movies. "Castay on the Moon", while both funny and romantic (and sometimes very sad), is amazingly well done, with an fine balance between its elements.

    The plot is solid, the images and camera work are top notch, and the story, containing some rather delicate situations and characters, is very sensibly and honestly and told.

    I have not found any weakness with this movie, no part that i would have done differently, or where i felt that the characters did something just for the sake of the plot. They are very real people, sometimes confused, sometimes weak, and they make no apology for it, do not try to explain themselves. Both main (only) characters are some of the most interesting, real people i have seen on a screen.

    I fully recommend it, and i believe it is a good example that any genre (even one that combines romantic and comedy situations together) has amazing achievements.


    Watch for the scene with the guy making fire, the whole theatre laughed for 20 seconds straight. It is brilliant.

  • A hidden gem of the far east
    by Olya Ivanova on 21 November 2011

    42 out of 49 people found the following review useful:

    Castaway on the Moon is a beautiful film about self-made reality and what is actually real, about our infinite connection to the natural world, and how nothing is ever final even when it seems so. Although the mainstream man will squirm and sigh at certain scenes where love is apparent, it is a part of the human world and this movie, so if you cannot handle it then it is not for you. I almost feel like not everyone is worthy of this movie. It has many instances of magical realism and fantasy. The atmosphere reminded me of Amelie. I would give it a 12 if I could.

    This movie is a gift, watch it.

  • Excellent cinema
    by Agatha666 on 13 December 2011

    29 out of 32 people found the following review useful:

    I really loved this film. I am not a huge fan of Korean cinema but after this one I may have to rethink this. This is a funny, moving, great film about two people who find each other. It has been such a long time since something really excited me as much as this film did. No need for a remake this is perfect just as it is. The cinematography is creative and stunning and the dialog is clever and endearing. It is really a story about how a person disintegrates and is reborn and inspires another lost soul to wake up and come out into the sunlight. Reminds me a bit of Wristcutters. Grab some black bean noodles, curl up on the sofa and enjoy.

  • Beautiful Fable, True at its Core
    by berghwithanh on 18 December 2011

    29 out of 33 people found the following review useful:

    I can't believe I hadn't heard of this movie until it showed up in my Netflix recommendations. Why isn't everyone talking about this movie? Why didn't it win best foreign picture? Why... Oh, right. No car chases. No sex scenes. No scenes in bars, or at football games. Subtitles. If you can enjoy a movie with subtitles, if you don't think someone has to look or act just like you to be comprehensible as a human being, if you've ever read a poem and loved it, you will likely love this movie.

    I'm not even going to talk about the plot. The plot is wonderful, but not really the point. This is a movie about isolation, and human connections, and what makes us human at all. It is a social commentary, and a beautifully told fable. To call it a romantic comedy, to compare it to an American movie with a similar title, is to miss the point entirely.

    Warning: before you watch this movie, you'd better figure out where you can find a local source for black bean noodles ('jajangmyun' in Korean). Even if you've never tasted them, you'll be craving them by the end of the movie. I have tasted them - fresh from a street vendor in Seoul - and I'm now nearly wild for black bean noodles.

    And this basic hunger for a simple comfort food - for enjoyment of sustenance with all the associations that come with true comfort food - sums up the movie nicely.

  • Won no Oscars, but won my heart!
    by shimuzu on 21 October 2012

    25 out of 26 people found the following review useful:

    This film, although simple in premise is beautifully told, and superbly acted. Jae-Yeong Jeong has now become one of my favorite actors on the strength of this film. His range is incredible, and is deserved of an Oscar (Hollywood, take note). This film is incredibly easy to watch and entertaining. It will make you laugh out loud, and will also pull on those heartstrings. The comparisons to Tom Hank's Castaway is inevitable, but like other reviewers have said, it's way more than what Castaway had to offer. It's a real gem of a movie and is highly recommended.

    Bravo to all involved making this movie!

  • Excellent
    by adnilramos on 8 November 2011

    25 out of 28 people found the following review useful:

    As the minutes tick by the similarity to the Tom Hanks movie evaporate, leaving nothing.

    If you insist on finding western movies of a similar title to compare it to, you'd find more parallels in Moon (2009).

    It is quite unique: very satisfying. As weirdly nourishing as the dish featured in the story.

    Just watch it. There isn't much to say without undermining the impact.

    Unfortunately the guidelines on IMDb require me to say some more so I'll add that in a few key places I wish the sub-titling was more comprehensive. The acting, in particular the girl, was excellent. Leaves one with a certain "mood" that does not dissipate quickly after the movie finishes.

  • Charming
    by dbborroughs on 21 June 2010

    17 out of 23 people found the following review useful:

    Unique film about two misfits trying to connect. He's a failed suicide trapped on an island in the middle of a river, she hasn't left her room in three years. Some how they find each other and find the strength to find life.

    Unique charming movie takes its own time getting to where its going and is all the better for it. This is a truly wonderful little film, that to be perfectly honest, I wasn't crazy about for the first hour. Where was this going I wondered? And then it clicked and and I suddenly found great wisdom and many smiles (and a tear or two) in this really one of a kind movie.

    I'm going to be honest here and say I can tell you what happens but I can't tell you what its like to experience this film. There is just something wonderful that happens as you watch this film and see these two misfits find a better part of themselves.

    Do me a favor and just see this film, and stay with it all the way to the end and I think you'll be rewarded.

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