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From the creators of Wreck-it Ralph and Frozen
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The special bond that develops between plus-sized inflatable robot Baymax, and prodigy Hiro Hamada, who team up with a group of friends to form a band of high-tech heroes.

Title:Big Hero 6
Release Date:October 24, 2014
Genres:Adventure, Family, Animation, Action, Comedy
Production Co.:Walt Disney Pictures, Walt Disney Animation Studios
Production Countries:United States of America
Director:Don Hall, Chris Williams, Kendra Vander Vliet, Rick Moore, Matsune Suzuki
Writers:, , , , , ,
Casts:, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
Plot Keywords:brother brother relationship, hero, talent, revenge, best friend, another dimension, robot, boy genius, hate, aftercreditsstinger, moral dilemma, 3d, 3d animation, teen superheroes, dead brother
Alternative Titles:
  • Grandes Héroes - [AR]
  • 大英雄联盟 - [HK]
  • 6 Giborim - [IL]
  • 6 kangelast - [EE]
  • Grandes héroes - [MX]

Big Hero 6 Reviews

  • With the Action of Marvel, Emotions of Disney, and Comedy of Both, Big Hero 6 is a fantastic film for anyone.
    by Daniel Castelan on 27 October 2014

    333 out of 530 people found the following review useful:

    Back in 2009, Disney purchased Marvel Comics for four billion dollars. Shocking and surprising the world, many fans of both sides were curious whether Disney would make an animation film based on a group of characters from the comics. Three years later, Director Don Hall approached John Lasseter on making a film with Marvel Characters and found the Big Hero 6, a comic book series that even the most well known of comics didn't know who they were. In fact they were so obscure that Marvel themselves even forgot that they had the characters.

    Marvel gave Disney the liberty to change the characters so that they could be seen as a Disney Animation Film. And the result is simply refreshing.

    Big Hero 6 is a beautiful film, showcasing how much animation has become. The east and west coast mash up of San Fransokyo combines to make such a spectacular scenery, that the city may as well be a character to the film.

    The cast is also fun to watch. One annoyance films try to do is by shoving the diversity of characters in your face. Big Hero 6 doesn't do that, instead the focus is on the characters themselves and not the diversity, making it enjoyable to watch. One of the biggest highlights is the girls of the cast. I took my 3 nieces with my friends and I, and they loved how they were smart, enjoyable and didn't need to fall for a man. The cast is truly relatable, whether you are precise like Wasabi, positive like Honey Lemon or just a guy who loves media like Fred.

    Of course the star of the film is the robot of Baymax. Any scene that he is in steals the show, whether it is his introduction or his care for Hiro and Company.

    The Villain by far is one of the best villains in recent Disney history, he doesn't sing, dance or monologue, he simply gets the job done.

    The film showcases the action greatly by giving large scopes and music that fits exceptionally well. Emotionally, the film captures the audience by showcasing the bond of brotherhood between Hiro and his older brother Tadashi, as well as his friend Baymax who is like a Surrogate brother to our main hero.

    A strong lesson in this film, is that family can be more than blood related, you have friends, who become part of that. That really showed how much I cared for the loved ones around me, especially my older brother who is in the military, creating robots and fixing medical equipment.

    If there was one complaint I would give, I would've like to see a little bit more about the rest of the team. Other than that, Big Hero 6 is a heartwarming tale that captures something for the entire family.

    Big Hero 6 is another showing that Disney can continue to make great films after the juggernaut that was Frozen. This film showcases that the Disney Revival (Films such as The Princess and the Frog, Tangled, Wreck-it-Ralph and Frozen) is not over yet, and I cannot wait to see what the next film has to offer.

  • Why is this getting so much hate?
    by isaacglover_05 on 28 December 2014

    246 out of 395 people found the following review useful:

    To be honest, when I saw the preview I thought it was going to be another Disney movie gone bad. So when the movies came around, I had really low expectations for it. But holy crap nothing has made me laugh this hard at a movie since maybe Amelie or Up! Baymax is a non-threatening huggable robot who's only purpose is to nurse those who are in need of medical attention. The only way to wake him up is to scream out "OW" and he is alive and will help you until you are better. The only way to put him back to sleep is to say "I'm satisfied with your work" (Or something like that I'm only paraphrasing) and he has gone back to sleep. But this movie isn't all comedy: it does have a bit of an emotional side to it which I won't go into too much detail about. However I do know that the movie isn't really like the comic books: the back stories of the characters aren't how they are in the movie and even the plot itself isn't like how the movie is, so for the devoted comic book fans, I understand if you hate this movie. However the people who didn't read the comics confuse me when they say it's "Cliche" "awful" "boring". I found none of these things in the movie at all. I was smiling right from the beginning and found myself a little teary-eyed towards the end.

    So I do recommend this movie if you're up for a nice light movie with a lot of laughs: it might be better than you think.

  • Elated at movie, shocked at soulless reviewers
    by willdotcom on 31 January 2015

    181 out of 300 people found the following review useful:

    The last time I left a cinema feeling anything close to this elated was after Gravity. My heart was racing, I felt so joyful. I never feel like this after a film. Big Hero 6 immediately replaces the Lego movie as my No.1, main stream, animated film.

    I came onto IMDb to find out more about this entertaining, action packed, emotional roller-coaster only to see half a dozen vicious reviews ... I feel so somber. I can't believe anyone would loath this film to the levels of some reviewers have gone to on this site. It was an absolute joy. The whole cinema was ecstatic, both kids and adults.

    I have a 7 year old boy, and even without being a dad, I'd still love this film. Hope it picks up the awards (Oscar, Golden Globe, BAFTA etc etc) it deserves.

  • Whoa!
    by maxskimoose on 16 March 2015

    85 out of 123 people found the following review useful:

    Please don't listen to the bad reviews and watch this yourself.

    I registered with IMDb just to write this. That is how much faith I have in this film. I really cannot believe some of these bad reviews.. "Not a kids film"?? kids would go mental for this.

    Animation was nothing short of exquisite

    Comedy was extremely funny (and i'm not one for comedies)

    Story line was really great too

    Also made me cry a little... meh

    please please please watch how awesome this is. i'm nearly 28 and I absolutely loved it.

  • Beautifully animated and fun filled family adventure
    by Screen_Blitz on 25 February 2015

    77 out of 113 people found the following review useful:

    Disney has brought many gifts and rarely disappoints me. Big Hero 6 is one of the best Disney films I have seen since last year's Frozen. This film is fun, clever, imaginative, and filled with spectacle. While the film is somewhat similar to Pixar's The Incredibules due the film's plot dealing with robots and and children with superpowers, it is very enjoyable and would easy please children as well as parents.

    Big Hero 6 is not only brings out the charm with heart-filling characters and comic relief but has some of the most dazzling CGI I have seen in a Disney movie. The animators did a fantastic job on the character models and the environment was nice looking. My favorite character would probably be Baymax. What's not to like about a funny, inflatable robot who cracks funny one-liners,has the power to heal, and assists Hiro (main character) on his quest to defeat an evil scientist?

    I can't tell you how much I enjoyed this movie. I recommend this movie to all parents and children. Big Hero is a family thrill ride!!!

  • Big Hero Big Family Fun
    by zakima2 on 24 October 2014

    131 out of 221 people found the following review useful:

    Having the opportunity to view this film twice really helped me get a perspective of the film that many may not have right now. This film is not FROZEN... it is not filled with songs or magical snowmen.

    But this film has something else, it has family, friends, action , drama, and most of all a big robot named Baymax who will examine your funny bone and sense of humor . The film shows what kind of magic Disney can do with super hero's . The story is fast paced for the most part and the laughs and entertainment are high flying, that is if you like heights , but if you don't its OK because this movie knows how to get down also.

    The characters work well with each other, kinda like the scooby doo crowd but twist that with a bit of incredibles and you have a fun filled, action packed movie that will delight boys and girls of all ages and keep parents happy that they took their child to see this. I know my family and I enjoyed it twice and will be back for multiple viewings.

  • Everyone needs a little Baymax in their lives
    by Stoker2090 on 12 April 2015

    81 out of 122 people found the following review useful:

    Big Hero 6 [2014] is the Disney 3-D animated comedy action film that centers on Hiro Hamada, a 14-year old robotics prodigy, Baymax (an inflatable health companion robot) and an unlikely team of superheros.

    5/5 graphics. Big Hero 6 transports viewers into a new visual realm and relatively individual style (besides its anime resemblance). The story is set in the futuristic city of 'San Fransokyo'. A little of Tokyo and San Francisco in one place. This explains the amalgamation of both Japanese and American components within the story and setting. It should be noted that Big Hero 6 is not a wholly original idea, and the animation is inspired by the Marvel comic by the very same name.

    Baymax. Voiced by Scott Adsit, this lovable robot is animated to appear soft, cuddly and adorable, credit goes to the graphics and writing team on this one. Hiro's close friendship with Baymax is a highlight. Baymax can hold his own on the screen alone too, just strolling through the city streets, caring for others health and well-being. So yeah, he's cute and he knows it.

    Expect to have a couple of teary moments. I won't describe or skim through details, out of utmost respect for those who haven't had a chance to see it yet. Since more serious topics aren't the usual in children targeted animation films, it's a nice change of pace.

    Fantastic message for the young'uns. The main character Hiro (voiced by Ryan Potter) and the rest of the superheros team study robotics at the local university (including T.J. Miller from Silicon Valley and Damon Wayans Jr from New Girl). Reach your potential, practice non-violence and exercise sacrifice. That's just the tip of the iceberg. There are more spoiler-worthy ones that will be omitted from this review entirely. By the way, it's not 'preachy' in the slightest.

  • Loved It (SPOILERS)
    by Zeta-One on 4 May 2015

    72 out of 107 people found the following review useful:

    Contains spoilers, pass this review if you don't want to see any spoilers, such as end scenes and more.

    I actually wasn't planning to watch this particular movie, until my friends told me it was a good movie and that I should watch it.

    I decided to try it and see how it goes. I instantly fell in love with Baymax. He's huggable and simply adorable. Along with that, he's a HEALTHCARE companion! It was certainly a HILARIOUS movie, and I enjoyed every last bit of it.

    I love how that Hiro, originally a boy who was interested only in bot fights, decides to do something big- starting with joining the nerd lab. There. he meets people like Wasabi, Fred, Go-Go, and more.

    This movie also played with your emotions. And no, not just a little bit, but a lot. Disney seriously did a good job doing that. This movie was one of those that actually almost made me cry. Near the end, Baymax had supposedly "died" and that made me very emotional. I was so happy that at the end, Hiro managed to make another Baymax using the chip the original Baymax had left behind.

    All I have to say is that this movie is definitely one worth watching, especially if you like humorous animated films.

  • Absolutely loved every moment
    by Edie Silver on 25 February 2015

    67 out of 98 people found the following review useful:

    I have seen this animated film a number of times now, and have not grown to become sick of it. I love the plot, the characters (especially my favorite, GoGo) and am so thrilled that this film won an Oscar for Best Animated Film 2015. The only downside is that my favorite male character, Tadashi, dies, but I understand why the writers included this in the plot, for it had a huge impact on the film and brought great reflection to - especially - Hiro Hamada. The idea that the overall 'hero' is a non-threatening vinyl 'marshmallow' brings further interest to the film, for he ends up saving just about all of the protagonists lives, not to mention he is a very appropriate character for all audiences, as well is the film entirely. All in all, I rated this film 10 out of 10 stars for its excellence, in my opinion, and look forward to any future works that will come out of this film!

  • Beautifully written, touching, and faced the hero with big decisions!
    by King Critic on 3 April 2015

    76 out of 117 people found the following review useful:

    Where do I begin? Big hero Six is one of the best movies I've seen all year. In one of my previous reviews, I used the term over and over again that Disney has always done what it's done and should stick to that. And this movie has! Running Disney themes have this movie that gets me very happy with Disney. This movie as I said in my previous review brings us back from the god awful frozen. Very original and I'll bring this back from any any old tales or fairy tales, big hero six tells the tale of a young man's struggle to find the men who killed his brother.With great action scenes good moral values and enough strength and motivation in its stride it brings me back to good Faith with Disney. Constant Disney clichés that always want to make me watch this movie over and over again , with a side of no backtracking and no unnecessary characters brings us to believe that Disney's got it back again. This movies originality, good writing, and overall good happy feeling, got me believing that Disney can move on from its mistakes. Disney has shown that it can make a good movie again by showing that you don't need a musical and ridiculous characters to get little kids up and happy to buy your merchandise. This movie spoke to a wide variety of people and not just easily fooled little kids. This movie must've been a stowaway on the crap boat that was frozen and maleficent.This movie is a rare occasion of well done combinations of different elements (superheroes, Disney clichés, etc). If you lost your money to frozen watch this movie so you metaphorically won't waste it.

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