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6.3/10 by 28 users

When the others leave for the night, the last mortician begins to fondle the corpses. He quickly moves to the corpse of a young woman who died in a car crash.

Release Date:January 1, 1994
Genres:Crime, Foreign, Horror
Production Co.:Waken Productions
Production Countries:Spain
Director:Nacho Cerdà
Casts:, , ,
Plot Keywords:morgue, necrophile

Aftermath Reviews

  • A powerful look at necrophilia
    by Tom Hlavenka on 13 January 2006

    30 out of 40 people found the following review useful:

    This short film presents in graphic detail the dirty little secret of funeral services. All too often, bodies are mutilated and raped. Karen Greenlee was jailed and became nationally famous for her rampant necrophilia in the 80s. Here, Nacho Cerda presents this topic with a great attention to detail and no sensationalism. The mortician fondles, mutilates, and rapes a corpse after the viewer witnesses a very accurate autopsy. The mortician takes home some souvenirs, pictures for himself and a heart for his dog. That's it, no distractions from the reality of the subject matter. It's not filmed in such a way as to shock the viewer but to present unapologetically the very sickening reality that things like this happen more often than we'd like to believe. The realism is the most disturbing part.

  • Extreme to the Max
    by Stu Chandler (chanelit-1) on 6 May 2003

    22 out of 30 people found the following review useful:

    The box cover to this has a corpse lying on a table, waiting for autopsy - the back has several gory images, yet no credits or plot summary anywhere. You just know that this is going to be special.

    The film is thirty minutes in length, with no dialogue. Classical music introduces the breif credits and then we are in an autopsy room. An autopsy is done on a man in explicit and gory detail. After finishing, the corpse of a pretty girl is brought in. This is when everything starts getting really nasty as the surgeon has sex with the corpse, mutilates it and so on.

    A classic - probably the most extreme film I've seen and beautifully made. Due to its arthouse overtones it sinks in to the viewer and stays with you for some time after; this is not a cheap gorefest, not by a long way.

    Watch it today, but be warned - it's VERY strong stuff

  • "I wanna be incinerated"
    by yamaelle ( on 4 May 2000

    23 out of 33 people found the following review useful:

    So, what goes on in a morgue after hours ? Non stop 'gore'/sex for half an hour, a very oppressing ambiance ( no dialogues ), the excellent work by Nacho Cerda and his team, make this short worth the 10 I gave it. The making-up is wonderful, you're really convinced you're dealing with real corpses, increasing the malaise Nacho Cerda wanted to create. The autopsies are very well done (although the ones in "Men behind the Sun" and "Camino del Eden", another spanish short about working in a morgue, are more impressive), but it's nothing compared with the scenes of necrophilia.

    Never has necrophilia been pushed so far, Aftermath" really ranks the "Nekromantiks" among the Walt Disney movies (I nevertheless enjoyed "Nekromantik").

    I also have at end of my tape a Nacho Cerda's interview, plus part of the making of (very interesting, and very needed! ). "Aftermath" was originally a 2h30 movie with more autopsies, and more sex scenes where the only 'non-corpse' actor is extracting silver from teeth he had previously removed, ... Without any spoken words, and having most of his face hidden, this man manages a magnificent performance. He confirms in the interview this was the hardest performance he ever had to make. Shot in 8 days, "Aftermath" due to a lack of time/money was reduced to a '30 min short. Maybe that's a bit disappointing, but for the themes approached (morgue, necrophilia, ... ), it's really THE reference.

    Definitely the kind of movie I'm hiding from my parents!


  • What a waste of time
    by pisino on 8 March 2011

    25 out of 39 people found the following review useful:

    Back in 1994, if you would have watched this movie at a friends house... you probably would have been glued to the screen, trying to figure out if the VHS tape you were seeing was offering up some deranged snuff film. I have no doubt that you also would have bootlegged a copy and showed as many people as you felt comfortable in offending. That was then, this is now, this is the HD age of video. What does this mean? It means that you know right off that this is not real, and if you had any doubts if it was, as soon as you get a good look at the rubber dolls that they are cutting into.. your disbelief becomes overwhelming. So what are we left with here? A half hour of a guy cutting into rubber dolls, humping one, and then going home to his dog. I give this 3 stars just because of the whole VHS thing I thought up, but this is just not any good. It's slow, it's tasteless, it's boring, and you don't care about the rubber corpses on the tables any more than you care about the tables themselves. You want to watch something disturbing? Check out A Serbian Film, or Antibodies instead.

  • Sick Perverted Spainards
    by realmteutonic on 9 May 2002

    27 out of 43 people found the following review useful:

    One of the hardest to stomach movies you will ever see! This 30 minute Spanish short movie has a fairly straightforward plot. After carving up bodies during autopsies, one coroner doesn't like to stop there. He then feels compelled to give the mutilated body a good humping! Just for good measure he also likes takes photos of himself in action! The footage is as shocking as it sounds, trust me! Shot with great production values and realism, Aftermath has sickened even the most jaded viewer. It's like watching a medical training video for necrophiliacs!

    I have only watched Aftermath once and that is more than enough! Consider yourself warned!

  • Extremely disturbing. The reviews don't lie
    by disinter on 26 November 2005

    16 out of 24 people found the following review useful:

    A lot of times when ppl post reviews they may or may not be based on facts, just opinions which everyone is entitled too but when ppl say this movie is disturbing and sick, it's no opinion. It's been quite sometime since I have seen something so vile. The only things that come close to it are the shockumentories like "Traces of death" (if all you have seen in the realm of shockumentories are the "Faces of death" series, you have no idea what I am talking about.). The only way and I mean ONLY way this movie could be anymore disturbing is if it were true. With all that being said, I highly recommend it as long as you are mature enough to handle it. It is a very well done piece of art and holds nothing back.

  • Artful, yet sickening.
    by mandaloon on 14 June 2002

    12 out of 18 people found the following review useful:

    The gore is well done, the production values are top notch. Nacho Cerda is obviously a gifted filmmaker. But this movie did sicken me at the same time, because of how real they made everything look, this is definitely a movie to hide from the kids.

  • Peeping Tom
    by Igor Shvetsov ( on 6 March 2008

    7 out of 9 people found the following review useful:

    Is there anything else on earth to be more enticing than to learn what expects our frail bodies after, um, death. Spanish director Ignacio Cerdà (a soul-mate of his German colleague Jörg Buttgereit) provides blow-by-blow answer to our curiosity and invites us to an exciting journey in the world of preparation tables, scalpels, surgical saws, human entrails and warped minds.

    Welcome to the autopsy room!

    I don't know which facets of the film, apart of its notorious reputation, may have helped it to acquire sufficiently high rating.

    Storywise it's fairly simple and straightforward - a day in the life (actually half an hour) of a troubled coroner (or, perhaps, assistant pathologist or whoever he is) that is fed up with his routine morbid duty and discharges his psychological tension in a non-traditional fashion, right at his workplace. I'm perplexed of what particular message the authors tried to deliver with this one-note plot. I suspect it may be somehow inspired by Udo Kier's character's quirky demeanor in Andy Warhol's Frankenstein.

    Artistic values of the film are also questionable. It's hard to evaluate the performance of the actors that don't squeeze a single word. Their emotions are concealed behind the medical masks. There's also not enough room for great camera-work - basically, the entire action unfolds mostly within four walls.

    Authenticity - effects and makeup are impressive and the setup looks very plausible, but only a handful of medical/forensic experts can judge how truthful and anatomically correct the dissection is carried out here (if anyone cares). Honestly, I used to think that the autopsy is done to examine the condition of particular organs and to ascertain the cause of death. Now I know that dead bodies are severed, raped and humiliated, intestines are ripped apart, brains are retrieved from the head, stuffed into abdomen and mixed with guts, then the body is stitched back and washed - nothing personal. And what are these poor lads expected to write in their deceitful autopsy reports afterward?

    Shock and disgust factor - it's much unlikely that an unsuspecting viewer would discover, to his horror, that the disc he was intended to watch with his wife and kids beside a Christmas tree turns out to be a graphic video manual on vivisection. This obscure item is barely available, sought by people well familiar with the subject and not easily offended. Hence it would be pointless to warn anyone to sabotage this film. They are well aware what exactly they are watching and what they want to see.

    Cerdà is really gifted and stylish director, which is clearly obvious from at least two other parts of his "trilogy" - preceding 'The Awakening', amazing black and white short, and 30-minute 'Genesis', visually stunning and moody piece with an off-beat and interesting concept. And I'm pretty sure that one day he will conquer the hearts of moviegoers with his new, more mainstream oriented, material. And sooner or later 'Aftermath' would become a rarity for the meticulous collectors of his "early" "warm-up" works.

    But in the meantime, I'm afraid, it may be recommended strictly for medical students or specialists that study mental disorders and sexual deviations.

  • Art in a Dario Argento's way
    by ericz_5 on 23 April 2003

    12 out of 19 people found the following review useful:

    I've seen Nacho Cerdà's Aftermath in a local theater and I must say it blows my mind! More than it's disturbing plot, the film is a visual piece of art. Cerdà combines classical music with traveling, smooth camera's movements and fade in order to hypnotize the viewers (reminding us the camera works of the italian master Dario Argento). Also, he uses large shots to out distance the viewers from the events; allowing us to see how disturbing the dead girl's rape is. Is aesthetic is clinical, like the morgue where the short takes place, and fits perfectly with Cerdà's purpose. Finally, the sound effects are very realistic and disturbing (the sound man did a marvelous job). Also note that Cerdà uses students and teachers pathologists to build the movie's special effects (and the actions of his main character who is a pathologist).

    I would resume with one phrase : Cerdà's Aftermath is an art masterpiece.

  • Not good.
    by Joe Miller on 16 June 2012

    5 out of 6 people found the following review useful:

    I checked this out because soooo many people found it disturbing.

    I was curious how it could be so disturbing and gross if it is so short and well it isn't.

    There is no talking in the movie whatsoever and it really just seems fake to me in general.

    I understand the whole necrophilia thing is disturbing and gross but this movie really isn't that graphic to me.

    Some people might find this outrageously gross and might get a little sick from it but it isn't one of the most disturbing I have seen.

    There was really no story at all so it might be best to skip this.


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